05/13/18 | Sylvia

An absolute rubbish!!

Recently I had to use it on our cat and it is an absolute rubbish. The tweezers are not strong enough and slips before the tick is out. the slip resulted in the worst thing can happen. The tick got squished by the slipping tweezers and I by squishing the tick I injected the infected intestines of the tick in to my cat. This is a trip to the vet tomorrow.

06/30/15 | Chloe

Great little tool...

Very easy to use, easier than the hook version - and cheaper too! Feels fragile, but haven't broken it yet after several ticks. Am ordering a couple more to keep in handy places. The "pen clip" effect is useful.

07/10/14 | Emma

Trixie plastic tick tweezers

Not had a chance to use them yet, thankfully! However handy to have just in case.