09/03/20 | Denis O' Farrell

Works flawlessly all the time.

I bought the Sureflap for my cat about a year ago. It is an excellent product. It comes with a small internet-connected hub which connects both to the Flap and your phone. Your pet's microchip opens the flap. You can control opening and closing times, ie. keep indoors all night, while still allowing your cat to come back home at any time (curfew setting). It gives a record of each time your pet came in or out. This product changed our lives and I couldn't recommended it highly enough.

10/30/19 | Helena T.

Super Product

Purchased this product and it arrived within days. Installed it and it took a few tries for the cat to get used to it and on day 3 of teaching her she is happy using it now. It took a little while to get her used to the click but the timing of the click is perfect and it opens for just enough time for her to get through. I had issues with other cats coming in through the window we had left open for our cat so this is the best solution out there. Would highly recommend Zooplus too.



Installed on garden shed so my outdoor cat could get access to an automatic feeder and kennel inside the shed. Took a few weeks to train him as he was jumpy with the clicking noise when it unlocked, however he uses it very happily now. It’s great at preventing the neighbourhood cats getting into the shed despite their best attempts! Recommend lithium batteries for the winter months to prevent battery drainage in cold weather.

03/14/19 | Anthony


Within a few days, both adolescent cats who had never used a cat flap before were in and out like pros. Seems quite sturdy. Easy to fit in a wooden door. Very happy.

01/15/19 | Dee

Works brilliantly

Set it up easily with my 2 cats . Just put some treats in the tunnel. Stops little Paddy from next door but one stealing my cats food. Sweet little cat but Greedy


Very good

Easy to instal, works as described. Our relatively small cats didn’t take long to learn to use it. It does click so if you have a cat who objects to snappy / clicking noises it might be an issue, but ours will sit next to us while we use power tools so it was no problem for them. Best of all, the big bad bully cat who kept coming in and terrorising ours is now kept out. Highly recommended.

12/17/18 | Fran Low

Be careful if you have very large cats

I have used these for about 6 years, have 4 cats & 3 feeders, they are all on different diets. One will eat nothing but biscuits - sadly. One on a renal diet, one on a normal elderly diet & have just rescued a skip diver, counter surfer dustbin cat. My Maine coon cannot use his properly. He has a very long neck & because his microchip is between his shoulder blades, it won't recognise it until his head is out the other side of the arch. It then opens & he panics running off with it around his neck. I could use the rfd tag, but, he has never had a collar & feeding him on the hall windowsill at the top of the stairs that only he can reach, seemed an easier option. They are rather large & tricky to clean, especially if your cat eats like a rotavator! Very good item that does save you money as less waste from spoiled food.

12/13/18 | sophie Ride

VIP entrance!

With the price of this product I wanted to give it 6 months before reviewing.This has been such a great purchase!! It gives the cats their daytime freedom and they enjoy going through the the tunnel.I am happy as I know that nothing else can come in the house without the chip opening the door and the draft excluder on it is perfect at keeping the cold out. I've used 3 tunnel add ons for this on my back house wall and it's fine.The click people speak of is not an issue for my two cats (3yrs old)

12/01/18 | Debbie

Excellent product

Reiterating other reviews, this is a brilliant little cat flap. Mickey is a bit of a chubster, but still manages to get in & out easily. He was initially wary of the clicking noise as it unlocks, but has since realised what it is & isn’t bothered. I find it is sensitive, & can hear it clicking the minute his head is anywhere near the flap. It’s less draughty than the manual one & has various settings, so the negative reviews on that are misleading. I have a much calmer cat & no more intruders!

11/14/18 | Lisa

You can teach and old cat new tricks!

When we had a few nights of 'Le Fluffster' coming in at 3am I was imagining all kinds of hazzards befalling him while waiting up - we decided a cat flap was the only way forward! It was easy and simple to install and 1 push of a button registered his chip. He took to it in less than a week. Yes the clunk of the lock is quite loud but it's not taken him long to get used to it. I only wish we'd gone for the 'Connect' version as we'd like to know if he's coming or going.

11/11/18 | Ethel

Excellent product

Used to have a bully of a tom cat so never had a problem with intruders so an ordinary cat flap was fine. That all changed after his sad demise - I now have two very nervy females who were terrorised by other cats coming into the house. This flap allows my cats to come & go but they can rest easy knowing they are now safe when indoors. Very easy to set up and cats soon get used to the click as they come through the flap. Wonderful item.

11/08/18 | Mrs Angela Dunn

Money well spent!

I am delighted with this product. The local bully-cat used to chase my gentle little cat in through the ordinary cat flap and beat her up her in her own home. Since I bought SureFlap cat flap only my cat can come in and so she’s safe now.

10/22/18 | Alex

Good cat keys :-)

It's the first flap for my cat and it seems that he liked it. At first he wasn't sure what to do but he got used it if within a few days. It's big enough for bigger cats (mine has 5 kg) and well made. Setting up and chip learning is a piece of cake. It needs 4 'C type' batteries to work (not included). The noise it makes when opening/closing is quite loud so may frighten some cats at the beginning. I would recommend it, but I have it just for two weeks.

10/07/18 | Dachse

Very good

Firstly in reply to the previous 2 (misleading) comments: 1 - There is a ;ow battery warning light clearly visible on the inside top right of the housing. 2 - You can revert to manual (Non-microchip) mode easily by following the simple instructions in the booklet provided. Does what I wanted it to do - keeps out the neighbours unfriendly cat and allows my 2 cats access. Simple to fit and simple to set up.

08/31/18 | Tony

Amazing customer service

My feeder wouldn't recognise the cat and would only open for a second before closing on her snout! Went through the troubleshooting guide with no luck and was sent a new feeder out within 2 days. Superb can't praise them enough. Well done guys.

08/30/18 | Annmarie Curran

Best purchase ever

I bought 3 and its definitely money well spent, my fur babies all get their own food to eat without stealing leftovers.


I now have two!

So good keeping the kitten from eating the old guy's food - but as she grew a little and started with more adult food - had to get another to prevent him eating hers! great product - no more flies!! woohoo


Excellent product

I've had cats and flaps for over 30 years and this is the best quality product I've found. More expensive than a regular one but worth every penny. Very simple to set up and program and fits perfectly into the hole from my previous flap. All flaps make a noise as the door swings back into place, this makes an additional small clicking sound as the lock releases and is less draughty than many. The entrance is slightly smaller than average so may not suit very large cats but not a problem for me.

04/26/18 | alison gallagher

OMG - best thing ever - no more wasted food & increased appetite

I thought I was going to have to send this back - took my dippy cat about 10 days to get used to it. Do take your time using the training mode - it really does pay off. Now he headbutts the flap out of the way to get to his food. Our cat is grazer rather than a scoffer. So his food dries out or the flies get it.Basically we bin around a third of his food. Not anymore, this seals it, keeps it moist and fresh and no flies can get to it. In fact, at last he is eating more food than ever.


Customer service excellent

I bought this cat flap 4 years ago and it was straightforward to fit and my cat uses it frequently. Recently the lock button fell out. I rang SureFlap to find out if I could get a replacement part and they took my address and posted it to me without any charge even though it was outside the guarantee period. It arrived two days later. I am most impressed.