12/11/21 | Siné


You only need a little, great for absorbing nasty smells, nice and fresh.
06/01/20 | Richard


The perfect solution! What else can I say except buy it! The open litter tray has been miraculously transformed. It's fragrant and the powder is free flowing, beautifully scented and economical. I even sprinkle a little of the stuff in the kitchen bin.
05/22/20 | Richard

Buy this!

Amazing product, the litter tray has never smelled better and the litter lasts much longer. It's so impressive and it's a generous size. Say goodbye to less than desirable litter and get a whole new fresh start...literally! (We use it in the kitchen bin too and mo more lingering smells.) Great Value too!!!
01/21/19 | Katie

Works well

Use this every time I clean my litter tray. It helps the litter last longer and smells much better. We never have a bad smell from the tray when we use this. The cats don’t seem to have a problem with it either
09/22/17 | lynda

white colour

this was much better than tigerino or Bob martin it is a fragrant white powder.i use the pink fun litter and the other two are very dark grey -looked awful ! just cosmetic appearance
04/25/17 | Jen Murphy

Finally a Litter Deodorizer that ACTUALLY WORKS!!

I don't normally leave reviews, but this deodorant actually does improve odour control & is revitalised each time you clean the litter, after only putting a single layer on the bottom of the tray before adding fresh litter for a full change! So it lasts for ages!! I've tried just about every odour control product, because I have 2 large cats which share the litter tray, which makes finding this product a massive sigh of relief & a fresh deep breath of satisfaction!
04/13/17 | marta

only when smell from no2 is to powerfull

we got this first when we got the kitten, each time the litter box smelled awful, i was thinking it will be like that always, but we have nice smelling litter now. im using the powder only in emergency or when guest are coming, i will sprinkle little bit to get nice fresh smell out of the litter box.

Best of the bunch

I think I've tried all the commonly available litter deodorisers, and this is the best for us. It is easy to open the pack and to spread the product over the litter. The scent is pleasant, and the deodorising effect lasts several days or more. The only problem is that the packaging is not very secure and the pack can come open in transit. The mixed flowers is the nicest of the scents - bring that back!
08/06/15 | Morgana

Works Great & Smells Great To!

I use to use bob martins litter fresh and found that it was ok for the first few hours but would quickly stop working and even made the cat box smell worse (I never thought that was possible but then again I used the pet store brand litter with it as well so that might not have helped)But you get what you pay for with that one. I was worried about buying this as it is a bit more then the bob's brand and with the experience of bobs brand I was worried this product would be the same a flop. I'm glad I bought it and found my worring to be silly as this stuff is worth the price. my husband helps me clean the litter box when I can't get to it and he has left it 2-3 days thus far with the new odour binding agent and our new litter brand (golden grey) and there is little to no smell! I bought the wild flowers one as I don't really like the smell of lavender (to much gives me a headache) but the smell of the wild flowers is really nice even my cats like the smell. So much so in fact they keep knocking it off the shelf to get it open!. Just bought more and WILL keep buying it, it works great and really helps cut down the smell!
05/07/15 | Federica

pink fragrance

I like pink fragrance. For us, me and 2 cats is good.

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