30/11/22 | Maria
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Smells great and my cat don't mind it sprinkled over his litter
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Amazing and worth the price
08/09/18 | Sharon
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More uses other than just for cat litter!

I bought this for the litter tray but decide it smelt so good & since it safe for cats I decided to also use it as carpet freshener, I sprinkled it on the carpet left it a few hours & magically the carpet that had staining of footwear which has been there for years disappear even before hoovering it. A new looking carpet & fresh smelly catty litter box! Defo worth the price as only small amount is needed.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Excellent product!

This product is just brilliant! I have only added 1/2 tbsp into a large litter tray for my two Maine Coon cats, I can't smell any odour for 4 days. I live in a small flat, and this product really helps me.
17/01/17 | Kitty
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I have tried all sorts of deodoriser and litter sprays in the market and this is by far the very best. I use silica litter and despite having more than 1 tray (4 cats) the weirdos keep going to the same tray at a time so one of the trays 'fill up' quicker than the others and this really helps a lot. No more smells!
05/07/16 | GKS
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Excellent product

This product has a very nice smell. I use a small portion every time I change my cats litter to reduce odour. I have two cats which use separate litter boxes and this package lasts between 1.5-2 months so it is also good value for money!
11/03/16 | Jarvis
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Love this!

I love this powder! Has a refreshing herbal smell, unlike anything else, not sweet or sickly like most products, doesn't effect clumping or flushing, lasts & you only need a sprinkle. I buy as I have underfloor heating & worry about box smells, in the cloakroom! Even some litter has a smell to it. Not a problem when using this, I wouldn't buy anything else now. Makes room smell nice too.
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I was a sceptic

But this stuff really does work. I use clumping clay litter and this really extends the life of it. The cats don't even seem to notice it is in there and carry on as normal and my house no longer smells of cat litter tray when I walk in the door which is always a bonus.
20/01/16 | Dee
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Best Ever!!!

Without a doubt, this is the BEST cat litter deodoriser I have ever used! It even makes the clumping cat litter work better somehow. Start with a freshly cleaned litter tray with fresh litter, and then just sprinkle a tablespoon on the top of the litter, mix gently into the top 1/2 inch of litter, and the rest is history! No more smells! My cat takes no notice of the addition of this added deodoriser either... uses it with no problems at all.
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Litter saver

The best litter deodiriser I have ever used. It doesn't just mask smells, it seems to get rid of them, and consequently the silicon litter lasts longer.
25/07/15 | Shelley
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Believe me I have tried everything to eliminate my two cats smelly toilet odour. I was giving up and then someone recommended this product. I changed to a silicon cat litter and then sprinkled this product on top. Odours completely gone and it hasn't made any difference to the cats using the litter tray. My opinion is nothing to touch it and I wouldn't be without it.
11/10/13 | Tomo the kitten
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Excellent! Can't live without it.

Our otherwise adorable kitten has the most awful smelly poo!! We tried and changed his diet to organic, healthy option to no avail. So you can imagine the litter box situation...oh the smell! This product is wonderful, saved our misery. Yes it does not 'completely' eliminate the smell at least in the case of our litter boy's poo but very effective indeed.
06/09/12 | Helen
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Really efficient and smell good

I bought this product because I had read that is was really good. Since then, I buy it every time I need it because it is really efficient. In fact, it helps to keep clean and with a nice smell for the cat litter trays. It is really work, is a good price and excellent quality product. Your cats will thank you how much you care about their hygiene.
20/06/12 | T Knauer
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works well

I sprinkle the appropriate amount of powder into the bag with the litter. I have 15 cats and there is a lot of smell but now it no longer smells like a dumpster.