06/05/21 | Orla


I have 3 problems with this litter. Firstly, the scent is very overpowering! I had to keep my air purifier next to the litter tray to try and reduce the scent. Secondly, the "clumps" break apart as soon as I lift the scooper up! Then the dirty litter just mixes in with the clean litter! The third problem I had with this is that it was very harsh to stand on! My poor cat's little paw pads had a lot of broken skin peeling away! Definitely avoid!

12/13/19 | Vitaly

Avoid by any means

Surprisingly bad quality. Been using fine grained Tigerino, it was ok, but had issue with tracking. Decided to try this. NEVER AGAIN!!! Doesn't clump at all, so called "clumps" falling apart when trying to clean the toilet and mixes in with the rest of the litter making it very stinky in a couple of days time. Well, tracking issue was resolved, but I don't think it really matters if the whole apartment smells like cats pee.. Very disappointed with the purchase and wouldn't recommend it