03/15/21 | Elliott Eklund

Will buy again

I really recommend this cat litter, it smells great and it keeps the smell quite well too. It's a little dusty, but doesn't affect me or the cats. Very minimal amount of the litter tracks out, which was my biggest problem with my previous litter.
12/06/18 | Mikki

Really pleased

Tried a few bags of the fine Tigerino one and kept tracking through the house despite having a top entry cat litter box. Also my cats love water so they would play with water and then decide they needed to use the litter box. They would come out with massive clay clumps on their paws which was far from ideal. Tried the coarse Tigerino and am really happy. With a top entry cat litter box it doesn't track, no more sticky clay paws and it still clumps the pee nicely and keeps the smell away!
08/16/18 | Sam

Great for the price!

I've found this cat litter to be great, at least for me and my cat! It clumps EXTREMELY well, so well in fact, that for the first few days Pixel tried it, he was bringing his wee litter clumps down the stairs to me. (We'd been using wood pellets before hand.) And it smells great, luckily, as he won't use an enclosed tray now he's getting bigger. My only issue is that it DOES track but he's extremely fluffy and has fluffy paws.
02/07/18 | Jude

Best Litter So Far !!

Like other customers, I have 5 rescue cats and have tried many combinations of litter in an attempt to find the perfect mix. I read the good reviews of this product & I am thrilled I decided to give it a go. Waste is always removed within the hour, and I have experienced absolutely no bad odours at all, in fact quite the opposite! Cleaning the trays has become half the job it used to be and I'd happily recommend this product.
01/13/18 | Nadia

Two cats

I have tried few cat litters, this one is best by value and clumping qualities. I wish that I was able to order more than 1 twin pack in coarse size.
01/10/18 | Glenda Aldridge

Excellent clumping litter

This cat litter is very good . It clumps well , can’t believe other people say it dosnt clump . I check the litter tray approx 4 times a day and remove any soiled litter . The wee is usually in a ball so makes it very easy. I have been using this litter for ages must be well over a year and had no problems.


My elderly rescue cat always preferred to do her business in the garden but gets me up at all hours to let her out due to being nervous of using her cat flap after dark. She's taken to her jumbo box like a duck to water, now preferring to use it for pee pees but still likes to pooh in the garden as yet. TIGERINO NUGGIES is so clean & easy to manage with hardly any tracking & lasts ages due to the superb clumping, & fresh smell. I also get a good a good night's rest so we are both happy now!
01/01/18 | Andrea Abbott

fantastic and affordable

I found the coarse grain excellent for the extra large litter tray, but not so great for corner trays and smaller trays where you just can't get the 7cm depth. saved by the finer grain one which works excellently in smaller boxes. I was worried about lifting the trays to be cleaned but because you scoop out lumps the tray isn't heavy. for the coarse grain, I recommend a garden trowel as a plastic litter scoop isn't man enough
09/28/17 | Nadia


We have tried many so far, different brands, clamping non clumping. Biggest issue we had has dust and tracing of litter everywhere. This litter is fantastic. Good value for value, nice scent, clumps very easy, not tracing, NO dust, but you do have to have a cover of at least 4in. Deffinetly recommend
06/05/17 | Elizabeth Warwick

The BEST Litter

Excellent litter at an excellent price. All 4 of my cats have no problem using it. It is a super clumper making cleaning trays so much easier than lesser products. As a cat owner for 30+ years I would highly recommend Tigerino Nuggies.


I have 10 indoor cats so cat litter has to be good value for money. I have tried them all but found this one to be the best value as it clumps readily making it easy to clean my 10 trays.
12/02/16 | Ed


Great clumping,& odour control. Buy regularly. Would definitely recommend.
09/26/16 | Sanna Nilsson

Incredibly good

My three legged cat sometimes has issues while using the box. He gets a lot of the litter outside and it often sticks to his paws and he drags it around in the house. I've tried MANY different brands but none has been as good as Tigerino Nuggies. The fresh scent is very subtle and not overpowering.The litter itself is pretty heavy, so when he jumps out of the box, the litter just falls off and most of it stays in the box. Clumps well. Will definitely buy again!
08/20/16 | SCG


I find my boy cat's wee doesn't clump well with the very fine grained litters so thought I'd give this a bash - it's great! Absolutely rock hard clumps! He does prefer the finer grained litters though, so I'm now using a 50/50 mix of this & the finer Nuggies & we're both 100% happy!
08/09/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Best litter

My two cats and I are very happy with this litter and will keep using it. It clumps perfectly and smells great. Even though my cat has long hair, the litter stays in the box.. We love it :-)
08/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

The best

That is the best litter I could find here. No smell, doesn't stick to the cat, nice fragrance.

Great Litter

I was specifically looking for a good clumping litter that didn't track everywhere when I ordered this and I seem to have found it. It smells quite nice, clumps brilliantly for super easy clean up. and the coarser grains definitely minimise the tracking, which was awful with the last litter I used. The only downsides are that it is very heavy, I don't think my postman is going to be too pleased carrying those boxes! I would also say that it is a little dusty.
07/24/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

A clean affair

This has all the advantages of the fine litter but doesn't spread everywhere in the flat. To make the transition easier I mixed this with the fine litter, and will keep doing this for a while. Basically only the fine litter gets thrown out at the moment. It really does smell like babypowder and clumps much better than other brands. Great product, especially for cats with long hair.
07/18/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Finally found the right litter

I ca't see any negatives with this product. I have one British short hair and one British long hair and neither of them have had any of the litter stick to their fur. The clumping and smell coverage are excellent, and the tiny bit of dust that arises during cleaning settles again really quickly. The babypowder scent is very subtle. My cats loved it instantly and have no trouble using it at all. I am a satisfied customer!
07/18/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Finally found good quality litter

I can't see any negatives with this product. I have a british short hair and a british long hair. finally the cats don't drag the litter around the flat anymore. It clumps really well and binds to the smell really well. A little bit of dust on the daily clean up, but settles again really quickly. The babypowder smell is not too overwhelming. The cats took it to really quickly and use it every day without problems. All in all I am very satisfied!

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