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Not great

The door nowhere near fits and it stands at rest inside the box as you can see in pic
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Works ok but door doesn’t close

I bought two of these, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. No complaints about the quality. The clips are stron and sturdy yet easy to undo. Better than the sliding clips on other models. The door is my big complaint. Weird design. It hangs slightly inwards of the door frame so there is always a big gap and smells escape easily. Not much point in the carbon filter. I like the size and quality, but am now looking for an equivalent with a normal door design.
20/01/18 | Tracey
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Not sure how long will last

This really is an XXL box! A bit too large for my young ragdoll but will be fine once grown. The amount of cat litter required to adequately fill the tray is something I hadn't considered. A 6 litre bag of crystal litter is not deep enough, will need another bag so is exspensive. Main issue is that it seems not very robust. The clips on the side will need frequent use to remove lid for litter change, seem quite flimsy. Also the front flap was broken on delivery (one of the pegs was snapped).
12/01/18 | Geri Down
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Door just doesnt look right the right way around

This has just arrived, it remains to be seen if our 3 kitties will use it - the door is a very poor fit and when I 1st put it together it didn't look right hanging inside and not 'closing' at all with a huge gap- looked on here and see I'd put it in the wrong way - now corrected but it looks so odd. The clips seem flimsy and with the bags I don't think this will last long! this is the 3rd covered litter box we have and it is certainly not the best - but then I guess we get what we pay for.
06/01/18 | Carol
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ill-fitting flap door

As one review has already stated the flap door is ill-fitting which ever way you place it! It's a shame because the actual tray and cover is excellent value. Because of the ill-fitting door my cat got stuck on the very first attempt to enter and was frantic; thus broke one of the little plastic peg on one side so that was the end of the flap. However, ZOOPLUS was most understanding and is replacing it for me and I am most grateful as I think Zooplus generally is excellent!!
12/07/17 | Sue Brown
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big enough for my maine coon

nice and big for my Maine coon and Siamese cats,but the clips that keep the lid fixed on have broken off and that's on both of mine,but been told cannot buy replacement clips which I think is madness,as these are always the first to go.