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Savic nestor covered litter tray xxl

Very good my 2 cats love the new toilet ...More space and higth is perfect for them . 20kg clumping cat litter to fill the tray and no more litter outside de tray
09/02/18 | Maon
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maine coons

I have 2 maine coon kittens, 5 & 6kg. They like this litter box from the day 1.
01/01/18 | andrea abbott
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good size

Sadly the back of my litter tray where the clip goes split the second time I removed the clip to empty the tray, its a wee bit flimsy, Otherwise the corner tray is a really good size, nice and easy to assemble and clean just gutted mine broke
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Pleasantly surprised

I have a kitten who is growing by the second and needed something bigger and covered. He doesn't like the flap so that is easily resolved. It is big and of a sturdy design. Yes, the filter isn't the easiest of things to get in but personally I think that this is good value for money. I am also impressed with the the service of Zooplus. Quick dispatch and delivery, and purchased quite a few items. All are reasonably priced and of decent quality.
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Decent litter box

Some bad reviews on here but both kitties have taken to this no problem once they'd learnt what a cat flap is! Usually enjoy tormenting each other by trapping each other in it too! Yes clips are a bit flimsy but should last as long as you're a bit more gentle with them. Cats obviously still managing to get litter everywhere but that's because that's their specialised skill.
01/05/17 | Merita King
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Huge enough for large cats

Make no mistake, this thing is enormous. It has to be big in order for my Maine Coon to fit in and move around comfortably, and in this aspect it is faultless. The entry flap is big enough for him but doesn't fit tightly enough to keep smells in. There were no instructions and I first fitted the door the wrong way around. The carbon filter is useless and does nothing to prevent smells, hence less than 5 stars. Other than that, Leevine is happy.
10/11/16 | Toni Regan
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Massive cat loo

Having two Maine coons we need big cat loo's and bought one to try. There is plenty of room for my young 10 month old Coon and he still doesn't like that it's enclosed. But the Female does she likes privacy. So while Enzo is still getting used to it Angel likes it..
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Does the job

I had reservations after reading the negative reviews here, but fortunately they have proven unfounded. Yes, the door doesn't close tightly, but the cat doesn't seem to mind. The filter takes care of any odour problems, and provided you handle the thing normally, it's perfectly sturdy. I am the clumsiest person alive and I have yet to break it. Would recommend.
03/05/15 | Stuart
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Cats use it

Does the job! Cats use it fine!
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I have just previously posted that this litter box has a poorly fitting door and overly tight clips at the side. On consideration, after re-reading one of the posts on here and seeing photos of other boxes, I find that I also have had the door on the wrong way round and, after changing it I find it fits perfectly!! I was given this box already assembled and didn't give it a thought but it does, perhaps, prove the need for assembly instructions. I stand by my comment that the clips, whilst not impossible to open and close, could be easier.
20/09/14 | anne roberts
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qick delivery

very impressed with delivery, but wen i opened the box, there were no instructions with it, it was simply enough to assemble though. my only niggle with this item is, there seems to be quite a large gap between box and flap. hopefully the smells and litter will stay in the box. hopefully i have put it together properly, thats why instructions would have been helpful. this is the reason for a four rating