14/02/17 | Donna Bella
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Just right

I hate ugly cat litter boxes and this one is one of the least offensive, design wise, under 90 quid. I'm wary about top entry boxes as I'm not sure if the cats would find them stressful. I have 2 Tonkinese, both about 4kg, so don't need an xxl size box but they had been using the Booda dome which is a great look, but possibly not enough headroom for them be relaxed in. This Modko box has good design and is roomy enough for them to turn around, the only issue I have with it is that it acts as an echo chamber for scratching digging noise! I'm buying a spare tarp liner to keep for switching over each time I do a full box clean out. Also, thinking of rigging up a shower curtain type door to stop the litter being kicked out of the opening.