22/09/18 | Julia
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Perfect for messy moggies

I have a male cat who insists upon peeing standing up - he will not squat. I tried covered litter pans, but that resulted in him holding his sister "hostage" in the pan and refusing to let her out! When I saw this pan, I thought it would be perfect as it is large, roomy, deep and high sided. Plus. you can leave the top half open, so he would no longer be able to prevent his sister from leaving the litter pan. It is perfect - both of them love to dig and scratch & this keeps all tidy.
01/02/18 | Hilary
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Quality Product

Have had this litter box now for over 9 months. Extremely pleased. Have a 5.5kg and still growing maine coon cross housecat and plenty of room. Bought extra inserts and throw it in washing machine once fully emptied on a quick 30 min wash with added disinfectant. Seems to be wearing very well and no lingering smells. Having to buy extra inserts every now and then as a payoff for ultra quick mess free way of cleaning litter box is a no brainer. Well made quality product.
16/01/18 | Sarah McCluskey
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Best litter box

I have tried lots of litter boxes but this is the best by far. Easiest to clean, lift out liner, empty then wash liner (I have spare for immediate re-insertion). One of the better looking boxes too. And best of all, the cat likes it.
26/07/17 | Christine Stevenson
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Fantastic litter tray

We have 2 indoor Siamese cats, an old boy and a young girl! We have had this litter tray for several months now, and without doubt the best we have ever had. It's very sturdily made, so easy to clean and Max and Ember quickly got used to it. No leaks, overflows or over the edge accidents! I bought a spare liner, which makes cleaning so easy. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending it! Well worth the money!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

At last!!

One of my boys pees standing up. For years, I have used tote tubs as litter pans because it was the only way to control the mess. But he's aging, and the high sides are becoming problematic. THIS is the first true "litter box" that has ever contained the mess to both his and my satisfaction. Now, if only they'd make a collapsible version that I could fold up for moving (we're a military family)... my life would be complete!
15/05/17 | Tootsie
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Ideal for my small cat. Paired with Tigerino Nuggies is a purrfect match. Holds a good amount of litter allowing those whiffy smells to be locked in. Looks smart and was delivered in a timely manner. Very pleased with my purchase..o
05/05/17 | Sheena Kay
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Pee problem

Wish I had found the Modko flip box before now. My son has two old cats and they would pee over the top or out the front of normal litter trays. I bought the Booda, but the pee would come out of the join between top and bottom. They might still pee out of the front entrance, we shall wait and see. Also with having the liner, it is perfect for cleaning.
17/02/17 | Jane Burgess
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Great solution for cats who 'go over the edge'

I've just bought 2 of these as one of my five cats constantly pees over the edge of litter trays, even the extra high sided ones. I've even tried using a storage crate as a litter tray, but it still wasn't high enough. These are working out really well. They look discreet, and I can still empty them pretty quickly by unhooking the liner, throwing the litter away and hooking it back in again, so you don't even have to move the box itself. I plan to order two more!
07/02/17 | AdrianP
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

If I were a cat, I'd want this litter box!

Believe me, I've spent AGES researching larger cat boxes online (I know, I don't get out much!). This "Modko marvel" arrived today and I'm already awarding it five stars! Our older indoor cat is slowing down and putting on a bit of weight. As soon as I'd fixed on the inner liner and the lid, Jack was in it straight away. I like the fact that it's partially covered and that you can fully uncover it you flip the lid back. Great looking box, too!
05/02/17 | Yvette
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So much cleaner!

I was wary of purchasing this litter box as my three cats have been used to using a open tray until now (ages 9,7 and 5). The largest of my cats is a 5.5kg Bengal and he is had the habit of getting into the tray and kicking litter everywhere and adding to that sometimes would tend to urinate 'backwards' against an upright surface/wall/cupboard/my wardrobe! So I read up and saw this Modkat designed box. I liked it because it has a front opening and I thought that would make the transition easier and it seems to have done the trick. Not only does it largely contain the kicked about litter but also any smells that are present are less notable. I use it with the World's Best cat litter for multi cat households (also truly is the 'world's best!) and am so glad it's worked out. It looks better in the bathroom too, clean and neat. Easy to flip back the lid to clean out and the opening at the front helps as well to enable the cleaner (always me, never my son for some reason?) to be able to angle to scoop to remove clumps and solids. Recommend!
05/02/17 | AlisonR
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At last, a product that doesn't leak

Love my Siamese house cat but he clearly sprayed in his original covered box and it leaked. This is perfect and protects the surroundings. So, easy to scoop out debris too. Time will tell how well the liner stands up to his claws but so far so good.
25/11/16 | eileen dolan
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Just Perfect

This litter box is a great success with my 5 Tonkinese house cats. The Tarp linings make it so easy to keep clean.
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Whoever designed this cat box has for me got it spot on. One of my boys likes to stand up to wee, for years I've had to design all kinds of measures to try to contain this habit, not any more, problem solved. Apart from that this box is so easy to keep clean,very well made,looks modern, clean and hygienic.If I could I'd give it 10 stars!!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Love it

I have had this litter box for a few years now and I love it. My young indoor/outdoor cat who was kept in at night sometimes used it. My newly adopted 12 year old indoor cat also uses it with no hesitation at all. It's neat and perfect for cats who dig vigorously. I also have the matching mat which is great and helps hugely with tracking. It is attractive and WAY nicer than an open tray, or at least I think it is. Yes it is expensive but the price has come down and I see Zooplus has it on offer. In my opinion it is definitely worth the investment.