26/11/22 | Danielle
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Worth every penny

I wanted a nice simple easy to clean litterbox that can fit in any space and this litter box ticked all the right boxes for me. My cat loves using it and it’s not a hassle to clean also it’s spacious enough for cats to do their business great product happy customer.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

very happy

I bought this toilet so my Irish Jack Russel wouldn't dig into it. And it works, he has lost interest already and our kitten loves to lay on top of it. it doesn't always catch all the cat litter sand but I wasn't expecting this anyways. it is less sand around than a normal cat litter box.
20/02/19 | Irina Kazelnika
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Exelent choice

Exelent quality. Purrfect size even for a larger cat like my Mr. Persimmon. Best litter box for the cats who like to dig or those who tend to pee over the edge of the litter box.
17/11/18 | Abbi
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Great, no leaks!

Absolutely life changing having a top entry litter box. Everyone saying how it is hard to clean round the bumps on the inside we haven't found too hard. We use Okko best cat litter which also is amazing, the two together make litter box chores far easier!
11/11/18 | Sammy
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Wish I had bought this toilet ages ago. 6kg 8 month old maine coon lots of space use together with the clumping litter took a full bag but scoop out mess twice a day and change monthly. Very easy to keep clean well worth the money
06/08/18 | Carol Anne Scott
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Great litter tray for a large cat!

I can recommend this litter tray for anyone who has a large cat. My cat is a Maine Coon cross and I had difficulty finding a tray big enough for him to use comfortably and also holding a large quantity of litter as he likes to dig a deep hole. The raised back ensures that the litter stays put. Great product and looks good too!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Does exactly what I wanted it for.

This cat litter tray has saved me lots of time cleaning up after my little girl. She starts her wee sitting at the back of the tray and slowly stands up - peeing over the edge! In desperation I looked for a high sided tray and this one is perfect - no more wee outside the tray. It also stops litter being kicked out the back. I recommend this litter tray.
20/06/18 | MrsMalcolm
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I’m about to buy these litter trays for the 3rd time, they are a great size and price.
18/01/18 | Kristina
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We have a house rabbit living with our cats and she is constantly in their litter tray which causes two problems: cats can't use it when she is in (she is a big girl and chases tham off) and I don't like the idea of her sitting in cats' litter tray due germs etc. This litter tray is a perfect solution! I wish I found it ages ago. Also it's bigger than I expected which is even better!
29/11/17 | Wendy
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Life changing!

I have a cat that stands up to urinate and I was my wits' end trying to keep it from going everywhere ... I tried "extra tall" litter trays (never tall enough), covered litter trays (it would leak between the lid and tray), strategically placed puppy pads (never stayed in place very long)... finally I bought two of these and PROBLEM SOLVED. Added benefit: tracking reduced by up to 90%.
04/07/17 | Janet Morgan
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Less Mess

I've battled with keeping a large messy cat in a clean area, I've bought numerous Cat Litter Boxes but I was always cleaning up cat litter brought outside the box....not any more this hop in box is ideal and my messy cat took to it straight away....No more Mess!!!
13/06/17 | Kaylie
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Great Litter Tray

Looks stylish, is abit bulky but it looks so much tidier. Hardly any mess and really easy to clean. Cats love it
30/01/17 | Stephanie
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My cats love it

As I have 5 cats, 3 of which are tall, and also wanted less litter out of the box, I bought this litter as a test. My bigger cats use it and it so much cleaner around the litter box. I really like it and so do my cats
18/01/17 | Laura
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Very little mess.

My cat was an avid digger in his litter tray and would get litter every where. This is a good size and my bengal cat fits in perfectly. The top is very sturdy. It is not too difficult to empty.