08/23/20 | Bernd

Good for big cats

Good for big cats, nothing goes out, easy to clean!
06/29/20 | Fernanda

Good quality box

My cats prefere litter boxes with no cover, this one has good size and is suitable for my three medium sized cats. Easy to clean and prevents them from kicking litter out of the box.

good but very big

the product is good but extremely big, so make sure you measure properly your space before buying. The detachable edge makes it even bigger.

Great tray, both cats now prefer it.

Got this tray as I was having problems with one cat spreading litter everywhere and the other going over the side of the tray! This has solved both problems, although Oscar still hasn't mastered covering it up but at least he doesn't scratch the wall so much now. I was worried that I would be using loads more litter as it is so big but the only increase seems down to the fact they both seem to prefer it to their other tray so are using it more. As large cats they certainly like the extra space.
04/28/15 | Lucky

Great tray

Had a few litter trays over the years and this one is far better. I bought mine off another site however this is cheaper here. My cats hate hooded boxes so we always have a open litter box. I used to have high sided Van Ness trays but my elderly cat started to struggle getting in and out of it so I purchased this instead. I think mine may be slightly bigger but I could be mistaken. I have one cat that was a "flicker" and another who scratches the hell out of the wall once she has done her buisness. This tray keeps hold of the litter better than others and my other cat happliy scratched the high sides of the box now rather than the wall. Happy cat owner.
02/18/15 | Sally Barker


One of my cats kept messing by his litter tray and as he is a large cat we realised he probably didn't feel comfortable in his original one as he puts his paws on the side to do his business and it was wobbling quite a lot. Our other cat has ocd about cleaning up after himself and every day there is a huge mess all over the floor. This tray has now stopped both problems. Excellent value for money. Very quick and easy to purchase. Took only two days to be delivered. Will be buying from this company again. 5+ stars from me
08/09/14 | Sam

Have to buy a 2nd one now!

I originally bought this litter tray to litter train a stray cat that decided he wanted to live with me, he still prefers doing his business in the garden but will use the tray if caught short. Unfortunately my 2 girls have decided that this tray is far better than the covered one they used to prefer even my elderly 17 year old lady can get in an out with no problems, so I am now buying a second one to replace the covered box.

Bad aiming male

My 12 year old male cat for some reason began missing the tray, he does not like the hooded trays, so this tray is really good for him. I would say he gets everything in the tray 98% of the time. He also loves to spend time digging for ages and the high sides help to keep the litter inside the tray. It is a simple, easy to clean large tray.
12/01/13 | Nicole


I bought 2 of these litter trays for my 3 new Persian kittens I would normally buy a covered litter box but their dad had a fear of them so the kittens of course were not used to enclosed litter boxes. This is great because its high enough to keep all the litter in its a good size and over all is a great buy.
07/13/13 | Craig Jessup

Spot on!

A good size, solidly built and my cat has no issues getting in and out of it, thanks to the lowered lip. Somewhat ironically, I selected this tray because my cat likes to stand on the edge of her previous little tray and pee into it - such isn't the case with this one. She went straight into it, got comfortable and did the business. It's pretty much solved the problem of 'litter kicking' as well. Really impressed, well worth the money!

Excellent product

Excellent product. Just what I needed to stop my cat peeing on the bathroom floor as he has stopped bothering to bend his back legs and so was missing conventional litter trays. A lot cheaper than having to replace my bathroom floor!
11/01/12 | Dorothy

Excellent product.

No more cat litter all over the floor with this extra deep tray. Couldn`t wait for it to arrive and start using it after the mess I had to sweep up every day. Highly recommend, and excellent value for money.

extra deep litter tray

Excellent product and great value for money. Thank goodness no more litter all over the kitchen floor every day. My cat just used it and no mess at all. Highly recommend this one.
10/23/12 | Hanna

fantastic, love it.

Excellent product, Extra Large. No more mess on the floor, I have five cats and they love it. Good value for the money paid.
09/01/12 | Maggie

Well worth the money

My four indoor cats love to kick the litter out of their trays - I bought this tray hoping it would solve the problem - it certainly did. All four rushed to be the first in the tray to do their business and on their departure, no more litter to sweep up - heaven! They are completely facinated by the size of the tray (it is pretty big!)
05/03/12 | Marcus


I can’t believe how good this is, we were sick of cleaning the litter off the floor all the time but with this there is no mess. I highly recommend this product. Oh and if you have two cats you will only need one tray as it is huge :-)
03/13/12 | Susan Reid

It is Big! And Excellent!

I have just got one of these today..And i am well impressed! My Cat (A big Bombay male) used to make the most awful mess using a litter box..as he is so particular in covering up his doings...I used to have litter (And poo) flung out everywhere. Even though he has only used it less than 24 hours, the only litter on the floor is whats come out on his feet...tiny amounts. And he loves it. Also he used to spray urine up the tiles/Wall before, the high sides of this new one sorted that problem too. Great product! I would highly recommend to anyone :)))
02/08/12 | maureen newman

Good for purpose

This deep litter is an excellent alternative to a covered tray which some cats don't like. My cats do manage to kick a very small amount of litter out sometimes but it is very minimal. A very robust tray which looks as though it will last.My only criticism is that wet cat litter sticks hard to the plastic making it difficult to scrape off.
11/11/11 | Elsebeth Mathiesen

love it

after picking up from cats missing the litterbox, these litterboxes are sooooo good,now there is nothing to pick up.
11/07/11 | Lizzie N


After months of cleaning up pee which has 'missed' the litter tray, this product has been amazing. Our elderly puss gets in and out fine (it's quite a large tray!) and the high sides and lip really do make sure the pee stays where it should. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

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