10/13/15 | Diana in London

Not what I wanted for litter tray mat, but FANTASTIC as under food bowl mat

I got this as a new litter tray mat as I thought it may perhaps work better than our other one - which I also got at Zooplus years ago. Well, my old one is far better at trapping litter & easier to keep clean. After trying this new mat for 2 days as a litter tray mat & finding it's not easy to get fine clumpable litter out of the mat and it also doesn't prevent our cats from tracking it all over, I decided to put our old mat back. I completely disinfected the new mat and I decided to use it under their food bowls. What a great mat to put under their bowls! It catches any food they splatter (our Burmese cats are 15 years old & don't have many teeth so they tend to shake their heads while eating). It's easy to keep clean with any food that dries on it. So, it was not for our cats as a litter mat, but absolutely FABULOUS as an under food bowl mat.
04/30/13 | Val

litter mat

These are great to help with less litter tracking, being softer on the paws than some others and very easy to clean. Great price too :-)
04/26/13 | Cernunnas

Good product

I bought this in an attempt to stop litter spreading all over the carpet, bed and sofa. It says it's XXL, so I thought it'd be bigger, but no. It's long enough for a side of the tray, but that's it. About it's efficiency, it traps about 70% of the litter, so that's good enough for me.
04/15/13 | Maria Cameron

Best Yet.

I've tried quite a few mats and this is the best yet. It stays put and is easy to clean. The reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 is because it just isn't large enough. It is supposed to be xxl for xxl boxes but in my opinion it should be larger as litter spills beyond the mat.

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