12/31/20 | Stella

It's okayish

I still can't find my perfect scoop. The holes are too large allowing the litter and smaller lumps to pass through. However, it collects most of the dump, but it gets stuck to the scoop very easily.

02/23/17 | Lucky


Excellent if you use it for Silica cat litter. The larger holes allow you to spill nothing.

09/08/12 | Janis

My Devon Rexes LOVE This!

I have been using this scoop with Catsan non-clumping litter. It is a perfect size to collect poo and the little nuggets of clean litter fall through the squares in the scoop. My kittens always have one of these to take to their forever homes!

11/13/11 | FluffyGinger

Just about does the job

I use clumping litter, but I think I would prefer a finer mesh on my scooper. This one can allow litter to fall through the holes from box to bin bag. But at the price, I can live with it!

08/23/11 | Deb

Great! Works like a sieve.

This has bigger holes than the other litter scoops I have, so is perfect for clumping litter. I use it to basically sieve the litter, scoopful by scoopful. Only the lumps stay in the scoop to be popped into the litter bag. Perfect! Highly recommended. I use World's Best litter, and with my other scoop, the holes are small enough that I wasted clean litter when picking out the lumps.

03/28/11 | Barbara


Great litter scoop. More robust than others I have tried and with perfectly sized slots for the clean litter to fall through (I use Cat's Best clumping litter). The handle is also more comfortable than others I have used - although it is hollow, but there are no sharp edges.

08/04/09 | Elaine

Flimsy cat scoop

This cat scoop is of a poor quality plastic, very flimsy and cheap. The holes are too large allowing the litter and smaller lumps to pass through. Don't bother.