: 5/5

Easy and quick to use

These wipes are easy and make cleaning up my dog's face a quick job. They smell nice and he doesn't mind me using them. Loads better than the previous brand I used!
20/01/15 | Aimi
: 5/5

Very handy

Convenient for cleaning eyes, ears and paws - full marks just because my kitten tolerates it
03/11/13 | Marianna
: 5/5

HIGHLY RACOMMENDED ++++++++++++++++++++

I'm very surprised by these wipes, before I cleaned my cat eyes 3 times a day with warm water, I tried one of those wipes when they arrive in the morning, the eyes of my cat remain clean for all day also the tearing was almost stopped.   I'm super happy about this product, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
01/10/13 | yuliya
: 5/5


its very easy to use, and very practical! my kitten got used to it easily and so me, will use from now on!!! very happy with this product!
: 5/5

Super wipes

my Persian cats had problems with the eyes so I ordered these wipes to try out. SUPER! I'm totally won over. The secretions have improved very quickly and all have great, non-watery round eyes again.