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The best litter system ever

Easy to clean and odor free. More expensive than the regular cat litter because you also have to buy the pads, but worth every cent. I have used this litter systems for the past 3 years and love it. No litter mess on the floor and zero litterbox smell.
03/08/21 | Julija
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The best I have found.

I have two cats, and they used to bring a lot of litter residue all over the house. Then I got this product and never looked back. I only use half of the litter for two weeks,then replace it with the other half. Fair enough, it's expensive, but for someone who only ahs one cat would last a lot longer. Happy to say, there is no litter mess in my house, and it does not smell as pads are infused with pleasant smell. Highly recommend.
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Game changer

I have a small cat rescue and this system has really reduced my clean out time. Zero smell now and I’m planning on making a compost area with the pellets to minimise what goes in my bin. I’ve bought four and now recommend them to adopters.
08/11/20 | Liene Lisaka
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Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter System

Best Litter ever no smell and is so easy to clean one's in month.
04/09/20 | Anne Cleary
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Excellent Cat Litter System

I had reservations that this system would actually be as good as it claimed to be - but it is! The litter DOES last a Month; there is NO SMELL of urine from the Pads, almost NO TRACKING, the Cats LOVE it & "cleaning out the Litter Tray" is a Joy now & not a Chore! Happy enough with the Price too!
10/12/19 | Marilyn
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My cats immediately loved this litter tray. No smell and easy to clean. Glad to say they use the litter robot for poo as it would be wasteful to keep changing this one. Litter and pads a bit expensive but I have 7 cats and still using the original litter.
27/09/19 | Caroline
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Fantastic litter box, no smell at all even. Even with silica cat litter works fine.