Not the litterbox

The whole page seems to be about the litterbox itself. However, what they are selling is the refill pack. The page of the product at zooplus is misleading as it is not clear they are NOT selling the box
08/19/20 | Sandra


Overall it’s an okay product however now I only use it for when I’m going away. For that it’s good because it removes the feaces into the compartment. However, it’s very expensive to keep it up with the refills. Also the box is awkward to dispose off and takes a lot of space in the bin. It’s difficult for the cat to burry their business and unfortunately it smells so bad until the timer is activated and it’s taken away. Cat also likes to play with the moving metal. Hard to clean, poo gets stuck.
04/13/20 | Vlad

Good but not cheap.

So I have this thing for nearly a year now and looking to change it as it can get pretty expensive to but the refills. I spend around 50€ a month for the refills. In rest was good.

Great product

Our cat came into our lives unexpectedly- followed my son home as a kitten and has been with us for over a year now. I wasn’t too keen on cleaning the litter box, so when I saw this product I really hoped it would work. And it does! We’ve had it for 2,5 weeks and it really works. I would have to say, to be completely odour free, the litter tray probably needs to be changed every 2 weeks for my cat, so it’s not cheap. But I really don’t mind as it’s so convenient.
07/01/19 | Crossley

Great Product!

My husband was very clear when he said ‘were not getting another cat, I’m not having a litter tray in the house’ obviously he came home from work and I surprised him with a kitten and this brilliant invention. We were both sceptical at first about the smell and how would the mess not stick to the metal rods?! We have used this for a week and it really does do what it’s designed to do! It’s in our lounge and we’ve had no issues. As it’s covered the baby isn’t interested in it which is another win

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