04/29/22 | Veronica Segerstrom

Fantastic litter tray

This is a great tray. We filled it up just over half with litter and with 2 young cats we can empty it once a day and no issues with anything stuck to the bottom or sides (we use cat's best original litter). There's plenty of space for the cat to dig, do his business and cover everything.
08/06/18 | Carol Anne Scott

Great litter tray for a large cat!

I can recommend this litter tray for anyone who has a large cat. My cat is a Maine Coon cross and I had difficulty finding a tray big enough for him to use comfortably and also holding a large quantity of litter as he likes to dig a deep hole. The raised back ensures that the litter stays put. Great product and looks good too!
01/16/18 | Damien

Great large tray, but a minor niggle...

Fantastic sized tray for Maine Coons and other large cats, or just lots of cats who insist on using the same tray. The downside though, is a groove in the base of the tray, which is a bit of a pain when trying to scoop out clumping litter. Apart from that, it's fantastic, but ideally I'd like something without that was the same size. Alas, there's nothing out there I have seen.

So big!

Really like this cat tray - it looks pretty good and was much bigger than I thought it'd be. Our cat hasn't used it yet (she usually goes outside), so we're going to find the perfect place for this litter tray now the weather is getting worse. We're also on the lookout for some cat litter deals now!
12/17/17 | Zara

Okay nice and high cracked upon delivery

Lovely high sided cat litter tray lovely high sided for a cat who loves to dig. Desofn is very well but when deliverd it was cracked in the top left hand corner. Is it makes it quiet flimsy to carry to the bin to empty. This is the right size for my maincoon x Bengal. He is 10 months old and 4.8kg.

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