07/23/21 | Luisa

Break in the first try

My cat played a bit with it and then it broke
10/19/20 | Paula

She LOVES it!!! 💜

My new kitten was apprehensive of this at first but now a week later she is besotted!!! Don't think the battery is replaceable so I'm ordering a couple more now in case she gets withdrawal symptoms! Great value for money and great quality
12/17/18 | Jen

Scary mouse

My cat loved this until my husband broke it by throwing it into a ceramic floor. Buying another one now.
09/11/18 | Elena

very good

My kitten loves it! He is playing all time with it.
05/15/18 | Sarah Morley

Not Just For Cats

My two cats were a bit so-so with this toy and it soon lost its appeal once they left kittenhood behind. My new puppy has since discovered it and adores playing with it (under supervision) and bats it around the living room to her heart's content. Will be buying some more 'back-up' mice once they're back in stock.
03/22/18 | Sue Jones

Mouse does not have light up eyes

I was slightly disappointed with this as every review I read implied their cat was taken by the noise and light up eyes and I thought this was ideal. Yes it does make a noise to get the cats attention but the eyes are just black dots sewn on and they do not light up
12/13/17 | Jane

Cute toy but cats not interested.

This realistic looking toy mouse squeaks and its eyes glow red every time you move it. I was looking forwards to my cats' reaction but unfortunately they were both totally disinterested in it.
10/25/17 | Dee Ronni Richardson


this toy has kept my cats and me amused for hours :) really good quality for the money too. My Loki managed to try and drown it in his water bowl lol, and it still works :)
10/18/17 | Simba'sMum

It's a paws up

it took a few days for my feline friend to start playing with it. I don't know who has the most fun him for playing or us for watching.
10/09/17 | Joanne beales

Shadow little mate

Shadow loves this light up mouse with noises. As soon as he hears it, he comes running ready for play.
09/19/17 | Angel Alexander

Really nice

My cats like playing with this. It nice it make a sound it not to noise
05/04/17 | Pauline

A good buy

My two cats are having to be house cats until they're settled in their new home. This will be about four weeks because one of them is very nervous. This is a great toy for letting off steam with. They have one each but prefer to fight each other for the same mouse. Recommended.
03/16/17 | Sarah Gundry

Our cat's favourite mouse - tried and tested

We made cloth cat nip mice, bought them from Zooplus & even the other mouse with a motion sensor squeak - she has liked them all. But this superior mouse, whose eyes light up demonic red emitting a deathly squeak when touched, is the cat's whiskers! She carries it around the house, tosses it high & hides it behind chairs or doors only to pounce on it from another point in the room. She truly comes under the mouse's spell for a mad half hour of exercise, entertainment & unadulterated pleasure.
09/20/16 | Mairi

My cat took to it straight away.

My cat loves playing with this. Throws it in air and pads about with it in mouth.
09/01/16 | Mairi

The squeak and flashing eyes make this a winner

Ordered this along with some other more expensive toys, the day I adopted Precious. This is the favourite so far. She loves swatting it and running after round the room with it. I am watching her just now and she even pretends to stalk it. She looks so cute and a little bit ferocious. Only downside, is you are not able to leave your cat unsupervised with it. I actually don't mind this as I like that I get to watch the fun. So maybe it should be 5 stars.

Happy cat

My cat is not terribly interested in any toy that isn't on a string and therefore moved by us, but she likes this mouse- we have to start her off by throwing it or making it squeak, but then she'll roll around with it for ages. Definitely worth it for the price!
01/23/16 | aimee weldon

wild mouse cat toy

our cats really liked this, its slightly different, and they liked the squeaky sounds it makes, and the fur is quite mouse like too. i'll get a few more in my next order. the dog really really liked it though, so wonder how long it will last! (even though he knows not to go near the cats things, he finds this very tempting!)
01/20/16 | Lubna Saied

Clever idea

Wish it moved as well! Cat's have not shown much interest in this mouse, they enjoy the sounds and red flashing eyes, so I have tied the tail to a long string and basically string this mouse along, this my younger cat enjoys especially when the movements are jerky. Not bad for the price.

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