05/30/20 | Ness

Addictive to Kitty

I knew my girl would love these because as soon as I opened my order she STOLE these out of the box! She hasn't done that since she was a kitten. She absolutely loves these, they're stinky and she obviously loves that. I'll definitely be getting her more of these

06/08/18 | Dibs

Is there an AA for cats?

6 out of my 7 cats like these & 4 of them have a major problem over them where they will try to climb my legs if I don't open the packet quick enough. The rustle of the packet is enough to get them in for the night, even on a glorious summer evening.


My cat adores these!

She absolutely loves these! She’ll do anything for them and picks up pack and rips it open!

02/19/17 | Charlotte Glendinning

Cats' New Obsession

I was sent some of these by Zooplus with my dried cat food order and I was a bit dubious as I thought that duck and pomegranate seemed a bit of a weird combination. How wrong I was, my cats love them! They have now replaced Dreamies as their favourite treat - and that's really saying something.

06/22/16 | Barbara


when I can not find my cat....... Just shake it...... Outside as well..... Effect in 5-10 second...... Cat is siting on my feet looking at me with love and following snacks with crazy eyes......

04/01/16 | Sue Mason-Burns

Surprisingly popular!

All of my cats loved these treats, but the most surprising of all was my 18 year old, Willow. She's a very fussy eater and normally turns her nose up at all treats (I'm sure she thinks they're beneath her), but these are a different kettle of fish ... or should that be duck and pomegranate? She instantly liked them, so much that I can now use them to hide her daily tablet and she takes it first time every time, which has ended a frustrating daily battle. Bonus!!