08/06/21 | Sue Gardener

I have 12 cats and none of them would eat it

Gave it to kittens first who weren't keen and made tummies a little loose. Gave it to my other cats to use it up and they turned their noses up and refused it

01/29/21 | Elena

Happy bengal

My kitten just love it, we moved from royal canin to feriga. I have to say that she used to play with her dry food, but feringa she is just very crazy about, she's eating everything. Very good package, resealable. The food smells very good and the quality is noticeable. The best grain free food.

01/22/21 | Katie

Feringa Kitten

My kitten loves this food. It made her coat super shiny and shes full of energy! Only downside is it makes her very gassy. I change her food every couple of months so she doesnt get bored but will definitely be buying this again

11/20/20 | Kamila


My kitten love this food.

05/23/20 | Richard


My kitty demolished this, it was almost embarrassing, felt like I hadn't fed him in a month. High-end, nutrient dense and affordable. I mixed it with the Feringa Kitten Chicken and Veal, it's an absolute winner, can't get the food on the floor fast enough these days.

09/15/18 | Bethany

Feringa Kitten

Quick and easy delivery. The biscuits are darker than some other brands and heart shaped. They come in a handy resealable for storage, though it did take me a while to align it properly and there is a gap in the corners which still allows air in. We've tried a handful of this morning and our 4 month old female went mad for them. Our male was fairly neutral but did get excited when he realised he could bat them across the tile before eating them. Overall 5/5 for Shiva, 3/5 for Rupert, 4/5 for me.

08/01/18 | Socio

The Feringa Quality

One of the best brands out there for grain-free good quality cat food that’s not ridiculously priced. This particular flavour is great if your cat is allergic to poultry like mine. Also this 6,5 kg bag will last for months for an indoor cat. The bed is alright, although quite thin and can fit a cat up to 5 kg confortably.


Best ingredients

There is no veggie/grain in a cat's diet by their nature, they are carnivores which occasionally eat a bit of grass for digestion or go for the catnip. The bigger the brand, more non-meat ingredients gets included in the food because they need the profits. My kitten loves dry food (in addition to 3*a day wet food) and Feringa has the least amount of non-meat ingredients compared to most of the other dry kitten food in the market. Our picky eater 6 m.o kitten loves this dry food.

12/08/17 | Lucy

Thriving Kitten

This was the only grain free kitten food my little one loved. He developed very well on this. However my older cat liked it too and kept stealing it!

05/12/17 | Lucy Beaghen

Excellent grain free food

I have been using dry Feringa food a while now and my cats love it and prefer it to lots of other dry grain free foods. When I do see "the end product" (my cats are very discreet) it's all good! One cat is very sensitive and gets on very well with this. It's a good price too!

10/22/15 | Maia


I have 2 fussy ragdoll girls that absolutely loved it. I liked the fact it has catnip in it but didn't know how their stomachs would react and they were fine from day 1!

07/02/15 | Fran Low


I have tried every food available. She was weaned on kibble & I am really trying to get her off dry food as she constantly throws up after eating it. She adores Feringa chicken wet food - bought 17 other varieties before I found one, so, thought I would try the kibble too. So far, so good. Luckily I have 3 other cats who will eat anything, so nothing goes to waste. Once all the rest goes, will be feeding this exclusively. As for the reviewer who called it basic..... I have tried everything sold on Zooplus - I kid you not, there is NOTHING basic about this top quality, grain free food. The extra special thing is, the kibble is quite large, so, my tiny Burmese cannot just inhale it. My carpet & I thank you for stocking it!