06/05/18 | Maureen Quinn

All my cats love this dry food

Since I started buying Purina One dry cat food, all the cats have preferred this to other brands. They did not like the much more expensive Applaws dry cat food to my surprise so I will stick to this one which is a great price on Zooplus.

02/05/17 | Jean Roberts

Happy cats

Purina One is an excellent well balanced food which promotes shiny coat, health and well-being.

02/05/17 | Karen

Great value

Having always fed my cats Purina One, it is great to able to buy at a consistently low price. Have even convinced all my family to feed their cats it too. They were surprised how much glossier their cat's fur looked, and have stuck with it as well.

05/11/16 | joanne cooper

happy cat

My cat is very fussy and tryed so many different foods but at last found 1 she loves we have 2 kittens 9weeks old and they love the kitten food all my cats are healthy and very happy great price and will always buy from zooplus im very happy and so are my cats xxx

11/25/15 | Toni Fluin

My Cat's Favourite

I have a multicat household and all of my cats love Purina One, I buy Sensitive as they all seem to prefer them and as one or two cats have sensitive stomachs it suits them all. It's the only cat biscuit that the cats don't look at me like I've lost the plot whenever I pour them into their bowls!



My one year old cat loves both the chicken and salmon flavours!

07/20/14 | Carolyn burgess

Excellent value

My local supermarkets sell this product but the bags are only 800g size and cost £5.95.. Zoo plus multi deals are excellent value and the delivery is fast too. Would definitely recommend!

06/09/14 | Rosemary Briars

Great dry food product

My two cats just love this dry food and they seem to stay healthy and fit.


Happy Cat

My fussy cat seems happy to eat purina one biscuits and it has been one of the only cat foods that agrees with him. Good value for money on this site also so happy all round.



My cats love it and look much healthier since they've been eating it. My skinny cat has finally put some weight on and my other cat's coat looks glossier.

06/07/12 | Abbie

My Cats Love it!

I took part in the Purina 3 week Challenge and my cat's have loved it since the day I introduced it to them! I even managed to go about a month without buying any extra meat to go with the food and when I did it was only because I felt that they should have meat not because they demanded it. Since being on the food, their coats are softer and shinier and they actually seem friendlier!! I have now made the switch to purina fully now and will be staying with it.

08/27/11 | Julie

Very Happy Owner

My cat Dillon was a fussy eater when it came to wet/dry cat food, thank you Purina Salmon & Rice a large bowl is now only lasting two/three days - depending on how many mice/rabbits he has had. I have even caught him pushing the bag over to get at it.



My cats were getting so bored with the Burns cat food I was giving them and one lost some weight because she had stopped eating enough. I switched over to Purina ONE and they still love it months later. Both girls have gained a healthy amount of weight and have lovely shiny coats. Buying it in bulk from ZooPlus is unbelievably good value compared to the price at the supermarket, too!

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