05/03/15 | Amanda

Loved by all my cats

I have three fussy cats and finding one food that they all like can be tricky. They all love this food and can't get enough of it

09/07/12 | RPR

My cat loves it!

My 11-year-old moggie LOVES this food and isn't interested in eating anything else. She is fit and active - still climbs trees and hunts for mice, despite her arthritis, and her coat is in splendid condition. I agree with the reviewer who said it should be available in bigger bags!

07/18/12 | julie

Purina one Maturity 7+

My cat loves these, and beleive me she is fussy. I have also bought the adult cat ones and the urinary care ones to keep both my cats in tiptop condition. And Zooplus provide good value for money with these items compaired to the Pet shops.

05/14/12 | Julie

Happy Cat

I have a 10 year old cat who loves this cat food, his coat is always shiny even though he lives 70% of the time outside on the farm and is still so agile. Would definately reccommend it. The only down side is they don't do bigger bags, as I seem to be forever filling the bowl up.

04/23/11 | Sue tanner

Best food

I keep trying other dry food for my 17year old cat but i keep coming back to this one. No other food makes his coat as shiny.