Never had a furball

Not sure if no furball is down to this treaty meal or them getting something from elsewhere to help them, but they loooove this treat!

02/05/17 | Laura Wiseman

Much improved

Having suffered from the 'pleasure' of cleaning up after a hair ball episode every week for some months, I decided to try this product for my cat. First it arrived really quickly and Sausage thoroughly enjoys it. Secondly the hair ball incidents have reduced to less than once a month. Excellent product and Zooplus offer the best price.

12/14/16 | Karen Cowie

They should make this for humans.

One of my cats had developed dandruff and, at the risk of sounding like a Head and Shoulders advert, nothing had helped. I saw this and decided to give it a go. Within a week on this food, the dandruff had greatly improved and after 2 weeks it has all but gone. Her fur has changed from dry to beautifully silky, I can't believe the difference.

01/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Purina One - Coat und Hairball

I normally am not the biggest fan of dry food. But with 15 cats you can only carry so many cans....All of my cats love eating this food and have a healthy glow in their coats. Value for money is on point !

12/17/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Another cat!

For 2 years, I had a cat with many peeled scratch wounds. No-one knew why, so I decided to change food. After having tried several different brands (at least 10) I gave this one a go on my friend's advice. Now I have a cat who has put on some weight (maybe even a bit too much ;) ), has a beautiful coat, healthy and glowing! I wouldn't change a thing!!

11/08/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Does what is says

Hairballs are now a rare occurence - his fur is thick and shiny. And most importantly: our cat loves the food - we have already bought it several times :)



My one year old cat loves both the chicken and salmon flavours!

05/03/15 | sandra

great buy

i have purchased this product for quite a few years now and i always buy the sensitive one but they was out of stock so decided to get the hair ball one as i did not want to buy it else where am always pleased with the product and the price is an added bonus thank you zooplus great x

05/03/15 | carol

excellent product

My cat tends to have times when he will throw up hairballs constantly leaving ucky piles around the place, I feed him this and the problem is solved. I also feed a stray wild cat which had great lumps of fur missing and his coat now looks (can't get near him to touch!) shiny and full

03/21/15 | Andrew McNaughton

Seems to work

I have two cats, different hair types, only one of them brings up fur balls... Or fur turds actually. They look more like they've come out the back end. They both can shed quite a bit. Both seemed to have a reduction in shedding after eating this for several weeks. Also the fur balls stopped too. They also seemed to enjoy it more than the basic chicken or salmon. With the other ones they often seem loathed/bored to eat it. Whereas with this one they get stuck in without resistance and I saw none of the rejection behaviour you sometimes see with the other flavours.

07/20/14 | Carolyn burgess

Excellent value

My local supermarkets sell this product but the bags are only 800g size and cost £5.95.. Zoo plus multi deals are excellent value and the delivery is fast too. Would definitely recommend!

06/08/14 | Michelle

Cats love this!

Super food for cats with sensitive stomachs. Maintains health and keeps cats feeding regulated.

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