07/03/20 | Mihaela Bosnegeanu

Best food ever

My cats have been on this food for years now. One of them has a hairball problem which this food helps with. He also has food sensitivities and this is one of the very few cat foods that does contain any chicken protein which he does not tolerate well at all. My cats' coats have also vastly improved while on this food. Because this is pretty much the only food that does not cause an adverse reaction in the tom, I always get mild panic attacks when it's not in stock for extended periods of time.
10/04/18 | Elaine Simpson

Happy Kitties

This is amazing and my fur babies love it too .
03/15/18 | Harriet

My Cat loves this food

Changed to JW after Royal Canin Kitten food. My cat turned his nose up at RC Sensitive - was advised to try JW and he loves it. Have tried to treat him with small expensive wet food - he doesn't touch it. James Wellbeloved has been brilliant.
03/10/18 | Amy

No more hairballs!

This product has made a massive difference in my cats, Ive gone from hairballs nearly every day to like 1 a month. I can highly recommend
12/11/17 | Natalie

no more sick in the night :)

Our 9 year old cat has suffered from a sensitive tummy since we have had her (2 years) which has meant her regularly being sick, sometimes in the middle of the night :o( We changed her food several times, to high meat content meat but it still happened, despite a clean bill of health from the vet. I decided to try this food as we suspected hairballs were the issue and so far,3 months in, no sickness! She also loves this food and I mix it with the senior and indoor cat ones too. Well done JW!
11/09/17 | Margaret


My 2 Kitty's absolutely love this cat food... always polish off their food, they look so healthy & content. I would never change from this product!..
08/22/17 | Christine Britton

It works!

My cat was constantly throwing up mice-sized hair balls which led me to try this product. I can honestly say that this has worked so well that it is a very rare event when this now happens.
02/06/17 | Suzi

Only the best!

I have been feeding James Wellbeloved Senior to Harold, my 11 year old ginger, since he was 7 years old. He loves it, but more importantly his vet has been extremely impressed with his weight management and his oral health. I buy from Zooplus as I can buy 2 bags at a discount and the delivery is faster than any other company I have tried.
10/10/16 | Nicola

I've been buying this product for the past 2 and a half years.

Since our first cat came to us I've been buying this product. It's great value, great ingredients and the extra large kibbles have really helped keep my cats gingivitis at bay.
09/21/16 | sylwia

JW Hairball

Hi everyone, just a one line review. My cat absolutely love this food. She was on royal cannon and hills but this one seems to be the best 😊
03/29/16 | Hannah

Shiny coat

I bought this as my moggie regularly hairballed. I can't comment on whether he is hairballing less yet as we've only been using it for a few weeks. However, his coat has become so much softer and shinier since using this. Very happy with this product. Would be great if the anti-hairball came in other flavours too.
05/03/15 | Dave Smith

JWB that'll do for me!

We've purchased both Turkey & Fish James Wellbelloved dry cat food varieties for our cats for a number of years. Both cats seam to enjoy it and spend several minutes after a meal licking their lips in enjoyment. It not only satisfies their hunger, but the VET says the kibble is also good for cleaning their teeth. Recently we had to administer a worming tablet to our troublesome two, we just popped in the tablet directly into the back of there're throte just before teatime, woof gone and then straight onto their bowls. How easy was that!
03/29/15 | Liz Mason

Fussy Burmese sisters.

I have two very fussy indoor Burmese who only eat The Fish variety. They changed over from having a mix of fresh food and dry as kittens and have never looked back. They have beautiful glossy coats, are still mischievous, very loving and people friendly.
11/25/14 | Bill Ballam

No furball sickness with this one

Our cat has regularly been sick with furballs in the past. I can honestly say that while on the Adult Cat Hairball there has been no sickness at all. She appears to be just as delighted with the formula as previous James Wellbeloved types that we have had. In our experience James Wellbeloved cat foods are excellent and this one is just the trick for our cat.
11/23/14 | Emily

So glad to have found this. Great results for a reasonable price.

I started feeding my two cats on this food about 12 weeks ago and I noticed positive results very quickly - I couldn’t recommend this food more highly. My adult male maine coon had been suffering from a skin condition which would see him deteriorate quickly into a miserable, itchy mess with low energy and scabby bleeding skin. It was heart-breaking and he was having to have steroid injections regularly. This food has transformed him, it was clearly the case that he had become allergic to an ingredient used in most cat foods. His skin is now 100% better, he is no longer itchy and he has SO MUCH energy I’ve had to buy him a tonne of new toys to keep him entertained. I have another semi-longhaired male who was having trouble with hairballs and so I originally purchased this food as I thought it might solve both of their issues and it absolutely has. I am so, so happy to have found this food. After feeding them both exclusively on this their coats are in beautiful condition, their eyes are brighter, they seem in generally great health and we have had no more issues with hairballs.
06/08/14 | Debbie Gray

Purrfection in a bowl

James Wellbeloved has produced a brilliant product. I wont be using anybody else's...all three cats are shiny, healthy and almost hairball free!
06/08/14 | Debbie Gray

The best cat food ever!

I have always been a fan of James Wellbeloved for my cats but when this hairball kibble became available JW did the impossible and improved on purrfection. My 3 indoor cats love it and their hairball problems have significantly improved.
02/05/14 | Alison L.

recommended by the vet

Our vet suggested this food for our cat with allergies. So far, it's going really well and she seems to like the flavour.
02/05/14 | Ryan


My cat loves this food. I leave it down for free feeding as he also gets wet food twice a day. This is the second bag I am buying and will also be buying more... It's a little expensive compared to the supermarket selection of dry foods, but I can tell that it's much higher quality.
11/06/13 | J Dennis

This product may well have been a life-saver, literally.

Our much loved 18 month-old semi long-haired cat had major surgery to remove a large compacted fur ball. She has been left with a very sensitive stomach and was always being sick after food. She loves this product. It is the only pet food she can tolerate and enjoys. The vet, who recommended James Wellbeloved, has said that she will get all the nutrients she needs from it that she won't get from the fresh white fish and chicken we give her sometimes. She was painfully thin but is thriving now.

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