09/08/23 | Laura
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I really suggest knowing your measurements but it's still great and thankfully my boy loves it and has stopped using my room mates stairs!
21/05/16 | emz
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My cat loves this

I purchased this cat tree as it was just the right height to allow my cat to look out of the window when he is on it. He loves it, he uses it as a scratch post, a lookout post and to sleep on. It looks nice in our front room in the neutral grey colour and is ideal for small front rooms due to the space saving design. It is study and the scratch post bit is thick and therefore not likely to snap under the weight of a cat. Highly recommended to smaller cats like mine.
20/11/15 | Allule
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Not suitable for my cats

This is a very attractive tree, and our cats liked lying under it and playing with the ball, and using the scratch post. However, when they jumped on to it it fell over, so I am looking for someone with a smaller cat to pass it on to. I have still given five stars, as there is nothing wrong with the tree...just that my cats are too big and boisterous for it!
08/09/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Finally a well thought out design with room for every cat to sleep and toy around. The diameter is a good size and easy to find parts for. Great
01/07/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Our Pumba is still little which means this small cat tree is just perfect for him. Quick and easy to assemble, very stable, and the ball can take a real beating! The only thing that surprised me was the colour, looks grey on here, description says grey/blue, and it looks blue in real life :) Doesn't really matter, mu cat loves it and uses it a lot and the price is just awesome!!
29/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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A little birdie told me about this

Both of my kittens love the plush ball :) and love jumping around on the tree. Got it yesterday and it received a lot of attention overnight :) Another big thank you to my birdie
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highly reccomended

just receieved this today.such excellent value for money.very easy to assemble and although i intended it for my kittens my adult cats have sat on the top too.the seats too small for my norwegian forest cat but big enough for my average sized moggies.my kittens are playing tennis with the pompom ball, the scratching post is much chunkier than i thought tooi think il order another one
06/09/12 | LondonGal
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This is great, it's saved my furniture!!

We have three of these now dotted throughout the house and it really has saved our furniture. With the variety on offer and many places to scratch at now available, the cats focus their attention on doing their stretches and scratches on the these (as well as one large cat tree and two cat scratchers). We got these on sale for about half price so it wasn't expensive to get all three, especially considering the wear and tear it is saving on our furniture and our carpets!! They occasionally use the top part to perch in but they generally prefer their bigger tree since it's an option, but I think without any choices they'd sleep in the top part. There can be a bit of movement on these as they are so small and an energetic pounce can topple them though this has only happened once. Otherwise there is sometimes a bit of movement across the floor with it. The little balls are batted about til they fall off, and then they bat the loose balls about til they disappear and occasionally nibble on the loose bit of elastic. Wear and tear wise, it's done well, other than the ball/elastic bit which does not last long.
04/03/11 | Angelina R.
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Great buy

This set contains everything a fresh cat owner needs. The cat tree is still a little to high and big for our kitten, but she enjoys it so much and likes lying down on the base - a real owner. The products are of good quality and very good for kittens. I would definitely recommend this.