11/09/16 | Carole Robb
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excellent value

This is a lovely piece of furniture easy & quick to put together, my cat loves it he took to it straight away. Looks cosy & comfy when he's having lazy day I would recommend this & very good price too.
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Cat Tree banana leaf little den

Excellent product, extremely robust, the first one we bought lasted 5 years! We only have one cat, but she sharpens her claws every meal time.
23/05/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Superb and very well received

Cachou has his naps there every afternoon. He sets himself up so that he can enjoy the sun that comes in through the window. Also, the tree is very stable which can't be said for all cat trees. The cushion cover is very beautiful but shrinks in the wash, which is par for the course with canvas. This tree is less ugly than other trees that I've had. In short, me and my cat have been blown away by this tree. I can certainly see myself buying another one in the future...
26/03/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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The best choice

Thank you everyone, you've helped me make a good decision. Here are the pros: The shape and natural palette make the barrel very smart. The scratching part is perfectly sized and shaped, ideal for the job. This cat tree is robust to say the least, and also very easy to assemble (or disassemble if it needs to be transported). My two cats took to it very quickly ! They love nestling in and dozing away in perfect tranquility. They know that this is their space to share, as we only have one at the moment. I highly recommend this cat tree because it is well thought out and designed.
12/03/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Great cat tree.

Ah, how I love this model! Shame I chose too quickly, lots of great models like this one can be found if you search a little longer. I will buy one for my cat soon, it's great!
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Robust, good looking, and well loved

Robust, smart, and perfect in the living room. My cats love snuggling into it. We're about to buy another one. Great purchase. Thank you zooplus
31/01/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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just perfect

I hadn't even put up the post before my cat was snuggled into the den. She's an old girl with arthritis so she has trouble jumping and climbing. She can just about make it into the den. For medium sized cats (4.5kg here), there's plenty of space left in the basket, but it sure does look comfy. All in all, looks like the perfect place to chill.
02/07/13 | Richie Owen
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Mr Owen Newcastle Upon Tyne England

My two Persians love it. Goes well with the banana leaf tree. WELL DONE
10/02/12 | Sophia
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It's amazing! Why don't you buy it?

This bed with a scratching post is very good for your cat to use. A basket on the top gives your cat a lot of privacy and looks very cosy. Our cat started using it from day one. We found it a bit tricky to fix the basket to the post, but hopefully you are better at understanding instructions! It's a lovely scratching post and your cat will love it in no time.