09/03/16 | Jill Meadows
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Not for Miss Pixie!

Bought this post for my large cat Pixie. She goes through posts at a great rate. Better than my sofas. Thought this design would last longer. However, Pixie still only uses the vertical post at the back. This has already nearly worn through and the curve remains perfect. I have even tried rubbing cat nip onto it but she just rubs herself on it. Sadly this post will have to be replaced soon and it's almost brand new. Will have to stick with the standard scratch post I think in future.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Cats simply will not use it.

I bought this over two years ago now. One cat has not touched it and the other has used it half a dozen times. Several months ago, I had a parcel delivered. Both cats LOVE jumping in the cardboard box and sharpening there claws in it! I now always keep an empty box in the living room for them. It is a bit messy with bits of cardboard all over the floor but the cats love it and that is all that matters!! I also have a mat (well actually a free carpet sample!) in the hall and cats use it for scratching too!! So all in all the Scratch Wave was a waste of money!!!
16/06/12 | Anara
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Not the best

The quality isn't that good but my cats use it anyway ;) I will not recommend this one.
09/03/10 | Sophiacat
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Quite good but not for my cat

I bought this because I thought my cat would like it. Unfortunately, she hardly uses it - she seems to prefer the traditional scratch post. Ultimately it probably depends on your cat (as always...)