15/12/21 | Ada
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lovely product

well made, good quality. Even comes with small bag of catnip. Our cat is not to crazy about it, but she always preferred curtains :) so not really fault of that product.
01/12/17 | Suzanne Davis
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Trixie Wave Scratching Post

After fostering for Cats Protection for some years and owning 8 cats this one post proves a winner with all of them, no matter size or age. Unlike the uprights this is harder to topple and gives them a good stretch while the hard wearing surface is ideal for manicures.. They much prefer the wavy shape to the actual pole, and an ideal perch on top to be king of the castle
13/01/16 | debbie hogan
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cat scratch post

got this over a yr ago and my two love it , need a new one , both cats love this and use it to climb from one unit to another , well recommend
25/09/14 | Kirstie
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Im on my third!

Love this post. I have two cats who use it daily and its lasts about a year, i have purchased the same some again again!
11/09/12 | Kirsty Headlong
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Fantastic little post!

I wanted a scratching post to fit neatly into the corner of my hallway without taking up too much space and this fits the bill perfectly. It was smaller than I had envisaged but both my male cats love to scratch it. They also love to sit on top of the platform and the lower curve which it tucked in to the corner of the wall. All in all a great post at a great price. Highly recommended by a turkish van and a ginger tom!
21/03/12 | Claire
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All my cats love this and it saves my furniture. It is the centre of attention in the house being used not just for scratching but for sitting on, playing on and around (a good place to practice your pouncing!). I am seriously thinking of getting another one because they love it so much, they play like kittens with it.
02/09/11 | Niki
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I recommend that for everyone!!! Great style and size as well kitten to adult cat. My kitten love it so much when I open it from the box she started to use it straight away! No more damage on my chair legs! Yippy!!!! :)
06/07/11 | Catherine
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Both my Norwegian Forest kittens love this. The one I have has a little ball dangling from it which has so far stayed attached despite the constant attention it receives! They both love scratching on the post & wave as well as using it as a platform to jump on the other kitten. Also seem to like snoozing on the bottom part of the wave. Great product that doesn't take over the living room!
05/01/10 | Peter Grinham
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My cats love it

I have two of these, which our 7 cats share. They are sturdy and they love it. They seem to prefer the wavy shape to the more traditional scratching post, which I also have. I would thoroughly recommend it. I occasionally spray it with catnip or rub catnip leaves into it to keep all the cats interested. I might buy a third in the not too distant future.
07/04/09 | Karen
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My cats love it

Both of my cats love this scratching post, they use it every day. The seem to like the shape. The scratch the post and sit on top of the wave and scratch that too. Great value.
11/07/08 | Pam
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Good scratch post for £11

I just wanted a cheap scratch post for the kitchen thinking that it would be used very little. My male cat adores this thing and sits on top clawing away, my female is not to keen and will only use it if copious amounts of catnip are used. I personally think that this scratch post is great for the price and would recommend it for cats and kittens alike - but ultimately it's down to your cats preference.