Very Dusty. My Boys Hated it.

This is dustier than cheap non-clumping litter you can get from the supermarket. My boys hated it. They refused to step in the tray while the crystals were in there.
05/25/18 | Alex

Very inconvenient

The crystals are too big to be sieved through the poo scoop. My two cats did not like it and stopped covering their poos. I liked other Tigerino litter, but this one did not work for us at all.
12/18/10 | Burak

Bad Odour Management

I used 10 Liters of Tigerino crystals silicate litter for my 2 male adult cats, and after about 3 days it started to smell urine. It does not lock odors as it promises, and it sticks to the paws causing to get into rooms. I'd recommend clumping litters with some perfume scent, their odor management is much better.
01/06/09 | Nithya

Absolutely useless

There are a few things I expect from ANY cat litter to justify it being marketed for that purpose. It should absorb urine or clump so it can be removed. This absorbed very little, which resulted in the bottom of the tray being doused in urine and consequently the whole lot had to be changed every four days! (two cats to two trays). It should help with the odour: Sure, I didn't notice anything for the first couple of days but after that you notice the sharp wee smell (which I found out later was the wee pooling at the bottom). It shouldn't track, and didn't. But that's not enough reason to buy this, I could have just taken random pebbles in a tray and got the same effect.

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