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No sign of wear after 2 years hard use

Used by 2 tonkinese, one asian, heavy boys. Assembly took a bit of head scratching but no issues. Very robust - three large cats squeezed into the one basket without any problems, it never rocks or tips. The top basket can be pivoted to give the best 'view'. I've moved this up and down stairs a few times; it is solid. After a year the foam inside the cushions started to crumble, so I replaced with fabric. Love the washable the cushion covers. A great buy.
15/10/17 | Susan Baker
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My cats love it

Looks good, so easy to put together and I have 3 cats and they all use it. Bargain on zooplus too 😃 I wanted one of these when they first come out but they were £200 then
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Still Wonderful 27 kittens later!

This cat tree is sturdy, long lasting, and well loved. I breed rag dolls, with about 1 or 2 litters a year, and three adult cats, and random visiting cats! After five litters and three years, this cat tree still almost looks brand new. I was just checking to see if it was for sale as my clients wanted to know. It is fabulous - the big cats love the shelves and top sections while the kittens love the cave. Love it soooo much!
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This cat tree was popular when I bought it 20 months ago - three large boys squeezed into the curved bed together. It is very sturdy, withstanding heavy cats leaping on and off. I have moved it from room to room, up and downstairs, and it is very robust. Currently in my bedroom and the current three cats all use it to look out the window or tuck away for a peaceful nap. They scratch the posts daily, sparing bedroom furniture. And it still looks good!
14/02/17 | Lynn
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Banana leaf cat tree

Once assembled, it took my 2 cats a few days to get usd to the huge cat tree. But after that, they love it. Jumping, climbing, scratching, sleeping & playing all revolves around their cat tree. Really pleased with my purchase
05/02/17 | Kate
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Wonderful cat tree

We've had this tree for almost 5 years andit still looks like new. It's sturdi enough for our cat to jump on it when playing and run up to the top. Our cat loves it! It also looks great - we even get complements from people who don't have cats! I would definitely buy another one if this one needs replacement (although it looks like it will last for years to come).
09/12/16 | Hilary Thorogood
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Wonderful cat tree

We ve had this now for 6+ years and it's been great. Very sturdy and stable we have had 2 ragdoll cats now 6 yrs old ( one of them died earlier this year) and now have 2 7 month old kittens. All of them love it. The older one uses the top to jump up onto high cupboards so she has some space. The other two share it. We will need to replace it in the next 6 months as it is now showing signs of wear mainly with 2 energetic kittens added to the mix, will buy the same again, can t fault it.
30/06/16 | Ella
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Assembling the cat tree tip

Hi to anyone who has an initial problem assembling the tree because of the screws seeming to be too short: just screw them halfway. They'll tighten up while twisting the next piece you are conecting. And here's a video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9IWH4avXbo
18/10/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Super cat tree

I was a bit worried reading some of the negative feedback about this cat tree, but 3 months ago I took the plunge and ordered one, and it's been absolutely wonderful. I had no troubles with the assembly and the tree itself is super sturdy. I have 5 Persians and they are all totally over the moon with the tree. It's always being used and I highly recommend it
23/09/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Magnificent !

Superb !!! I can only back up what other reviewers have said ! My two cats have claimed it within 20 minutes of having been put up! Do not hesitate to buy this wonderful product, and the delivery was quick too ! But I'm used to that from zooplus, THANK YOU!
27/08/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Good looking and practical

This cat tree goes really well with the rest of my decor and my cat has really taken a shine to it. I would definitely recommend this product.
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I just received this product, it's really great, good quality, washable cushions, and lovely design.
12/06/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Would definitely buy again!!!

Assembly was super easy for a lady like me :-) We've always had furry cat trees that haven't seen a lot of use. All of my three cats had jumped onto this one before I'd even finished putting it up. They love it and can't get enough of it. It seems to be in use constantly, and it looks good too! We will almost certainly need a new one next year because they use it so much, but that's a lot better than buying something for your cats that ends up getting used as decoration!! It's worth the money and I can't think of buying a different cat tree. It doesn't smell that much, and it's gone after a day :-) Just open the windows and you'll barely notice it. Even new furniture smells when you get it!
19/04/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Doesn't smell!

I don't have a clue what other reviews are complaining about, the only thing I can think of is some special chemicals used on the item when it is being imported/shipped. Our tree arrived scent tree, and was easily put together by one person. The design is unbeatable (for a cat tree). We're very happy so far. Let's see what the cats think.
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Wonderful !!!!

We bought two of these and linked them together with a big board of the same colour, and our 3 cats have never been happier!!!! I highly recommend this product, it's easy to maintain thanks to the washable pillow, easy to assemble, and easy to combine with other furniture !
26/03/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Our favourite!

We bought this cat tree in 2009 and it has been used by 3 cats up until December 2013, 2 since then, and has moved house with me twice, and about to do so again. Still no obvious signs of use on the things, although my cats often like to roam outside. We also experienced some trouble with the pillow, but using old towels makes for easily washable bedding. A big thumbs up from us for this cat tree.
24/03/15 | Barbara Seed
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Long lasting & brilliant!

I may well have written a review when we first got this, but we've had ours for several years now and it's still in constant daily use by our three bulky & boisterous cats. Still looks good, still maintains their interest - best cat investment ever.
21/03/15 | Tania
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We love it!

We already have a large cat tree in our lounge and find that our 3 kitties love it. Our boys all love to snooze on our bed and we decided to purchase another cat tree for the bedroom. I put the tree together myself (my other half was playing footy) and i found it quite easy to assemble, however, i found the instructions to be pretty poor.Its not so much the instructions, its the diagrams of the screws that are not clear. There are two different sizes of screws but they look very similar in the pictures and its hard to tell the difference. A little trial and error was needed but in total it took me little more than 30 minutes to erect. It actaully took me longer to re-arrange the bedroom furniture, just so the cat tree could fit in. The tree itself is beautiful. Its nice and heavy and is quite sturdy, even with 3 cats jumping about on it. It looks great and is what i would call a luxury product.The one little issue that i have with the product is the removable cushion pads. They are quite thin and not made of a cosy material. I have put extra sheepskin blankets into the sleeping areas for that extra bit of comfort and luxury. Overall, we and our kitties are very pleased. Excellent.
14/01/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Happy kittys

We are very happy with this cat tree. It looks really good in our flat and it's very sturdy. Our 3 Norwegians are very energetic but have yet to budge this cat tree. They really like the base for some reason, they can't seem to get enough of playing and bumming around on it. The tree is also used for naptime, and I would definitely buy it again.
03/12/14 | Estelle Watson
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I have just purchased this tree for my kitten (which she is ready on December 16th) and I have just finished putting it together. To be honest, after reading all the other reviews about the instructions been poor and the screws been too short - I actually found both of these totally fine. It took me about an hour to put together and its solid. Excellent cat tree - really pleased I purchased it.