11/24/18 | Jakki Oldfield

Really good...but

This is an excellent cat tree, sturdy and robust and very much in use all day long. The only thing I would change is the 4 bottom posts are NOT sisal, they are covered in plush which was ripped to shreds and hanging off in a matter of days and they were scratching away at the cardboard tubes. I replaced them with 4 used sisal covered posts from a previous cat tree and it is going strong almost a year later, but would have been unusable if I hadn't had the spare posts.

04/19/18 | Terri Smith

My kitties love this!

Got this as our previous cat tree had gone through enough abuse! Took me about an hour to put together and I positioned the sisal covered poles towards the front as they would be easier for the cats to get to and less damage to the 'fur' covered poles as we have it next to a wall. I use the bottom hammock to hold their toys and they love sitting up on the paw perch and sleeping in the upper bunk. Word of advise: Do not get the black tree if you have white furred cats!

02/06/18 | Anna O'Connor

Bit big and kitten is scared but good for price

This tree is bigger than expected. It is hard for the cat to climb but even harder to get down as there is not enough space to jump onto on the lower parts. Good product all the same, very soft with nice places to sleep. Once our kitten is bigger and less scared I can see it being his favourite thing.

09/12/17 | Anna Semionova

Good sturdy tree, happy kitties

So far it looks like a fairly sturdy tree, which was the main reason I chose it. I have 5 cats, 3 of whom are both boisterous and large (5.5-6.5 kg). This tree has a large square base, and thick poles so it is hard to knock it over. Some negative points: the covering material is quite thin, there were already torn and frayed bits on the first day. The posts had staples sticking out, causing scratching. Also would have preferred all sisal posts, as I know the fabric covered ones won't last long.


Fantastic tree but badly put together with dangerous staples sticking out - check product thoroughly

Unpacked the box only to find that the 'roof / ceiling' of the house was not attached properly. The front edge had been glued on but the sides and back had the large metal staples (think staple gun size) sticking and out the roof panel falling inside the house. The material covering the walls was not attached all the way round either. We removed all the staples, stuck the material down and nailed the roof on. This then made us check every part for staples and we had to remove 2 others.


Feels sturdy & decent size

Dark blue option with 6 sisal and 4 fabric poles. We have two cats a lively 1year old and an older 9year old. Both are between 4-5kg It arrived this morning and they have already "killed" one of the balls, we had expected this as they have never lasted in all the cat trees we've owned. They are able to fit on each of the platforms which was our biggest concern This was our best option given the budget, ideally we would've preferred all sisal posts. i feel like this one will last our cats for several years due to the construction and thickness of materials used


Kittens love it! Shane they haven't learnt how to descend!

We brought our two new kittens home yesterday to the tree, and they absolutely love it! It's perfectly suited for kittens with the hideaways it has for them. Unfortunately, they are struggling to descend from the tree (it could really do with some ladders or stairs for them from the middle of the tree) so I am having to pick them up and take them down at the moment. All in all however a good tree.

04/28/14 | Etain


I bought this for my two cats. The house of the first one was broker so I had to get a replacement - zooplus were very helpful and quick to fix the situation. So it stood half constructed at first. I put on of their beds on the level the cat house should have been. They loved it like that, so much so that went the replacement arrived I didn't add it on. The house and bed on top of it now sit else were and they enjoy that part too. Its a very sturdy tree, perfect for cats to jump on and off and scratch away at the posts. It fits my cats needs perfectly. And the covering is super fluffy, I kind of want to sleep on it!

01/01/13 | Nicky

Great for kittens too

I got this for my two smallish kittens, and they loved it. Now they're teenage cats (well, 7-8 months, so still babies really!), and one is a big bruiser - it is holding up really well! They love the two platforms (although they refuse to go in the little house or use the hammock). One thing to note is that if your cats like finding and eating fluff, watch out for the padded paw print platform. Mine realised there was fluff inside the pawprint, and started tearing it open and eating it! I had to cut the pawprints off and take the padding out. All in all, though, amazing value!

06/10/12 | Karen


love this item but the paw print wore through quite quickly

08/27/11 | paul

very sturdy and strong

Ouy siamese couldn't wait to get this constructed and started playing each step of the way. Unfortunately one of the large screws is missing from the order and we have to wait 6 - 8 weeks for one to be sent or try and obtain one ourselves for a small refund. Therefore until we obtain one of these the top section is out of bounds. For this reason only 4 stars, otherwise it would have been 5.

03/25/11 | Mr.Brightside

Great fun for my Bengal

This cat tree was well worth it's money but we found that as soon as we opened it one of the elastic toys was missing and only a bit of elastic was left hanging! Today is her 2nd day in which she has used the tree and we found out that she managed to break of the other toy hanging on elastic too! But apart from those 2 peices of unsatisfactory workmanship it is really good and sturdy. It barely took any time to build only about 10-15 minutes. We would strongly reccomend this tree to any playful cats-as long as you don't mind the toys breaking off!

10/18/09 | Debbie

Not quite what I ordered, but still really good

I ordered this scratching post, but, as you can see from my picture, when it arrived it wasn't quite the same as the description on the website. My kittens really love it, it's very sturdy, but as the post delivered only has one edged 'crash pad' at the top, they take it in turns to sleep on it. I have just ordered a smaller version for another room in the house, let's hope this one is the same as is featured in the picture!

05/20/08 | karen knight

It's Brilliant!

I put the cat tree together in about half an hour. The instructions could do with being on a larger piece of paper, I found it hard to see which screws I should use. I have four Siamese cats and my one female has decided it's hers, so the other's have to wait to have a go when she's out! It's very study, and well worth the money.