08/31/18 | Ruth Cummins

Not suitable for adult or large cats! Buy the La digue ll instead.

This cat tree is lovely to look at in any corner space but totally unsuitable for adult/large cats. It's too narrow and tall and I felt that the main bed on top made it a bit top heavy for the base to hold properly. It wobbled furiously any time the cats attempted to climb up to the top. My advice to anyone buying a tree for the first time is to buy the La Digue ll tree on this site...very strong and sturdy...and easy access for the cats.
05/01/16 | Josefine

Not a safe tree, difficult also to get down off.

I wanted to replace the La Digue cat tree and thought I'd try something new so bought this the Catherine tree. Easy to up but the my two cats just could get to grips with it. They could not get up on it. I lifted one up on to the top platform and watched her struggle to try to get down again. It is a very tall tree and (2meters nearly) and she was very uncomfortable and tried to slide down to the next platform and just about fell out of the tree. Not good. It also leans forward a lot with the heaviest top bed and the one screw holding it, seems inadequate for the job. The tree is not sturdy enough or heavy enough to support the top platform well. After a month or so with little use I have now taken it apart and made the top bed/platform into a bed that sits on the floor next to the tree and have removed the next highest platform so the tree now only has the barrel at the bottom and the next platform where I've put a cushion as it's hard (with flimsy edges that bend quite easily if pushed.) I also found the plush comes off much to easily, very bad quality clearly compared to other trees. Yet this tree is more expensive?! I will now order the much more sturdy and practical (and well loved) cat tree La Digue, wish I had not tried this tree at all, waste of time and money. The cats have still not used it even though it now sits next to a dresser so at least they can get on it if the wanted to...

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