09/29/19 | Rosemary O Keeffe

Disappointed with this product

Purchased this product due to the great reviews. I'm now onto tub 2 and have seen no difference. Will probably not purchase a third.
09/07/18 | I.S.


This is a great product. I use it for my 4 cats and their teeth are really healthy, the vet approves!
04/22/18 | justine

i dose work

i bin useing this for 8 weeks now and it realy dose work just hang in there for results, thumbs up from me :)
02/21/18 | Adele Ward

I'm not french

Recieved this but not happy that the item is all in French. In previous times zooplus have sent out a leaflet with the instructions etc in English. Hoping this is good for my dogs teeth.


works well for our elderly cat with poor teeth. even the vet impressed with condition of his teeth now!
11/14/17 | JT

Great results

Been using this product for around 6 months, bought it as my partner is forever whinging about the dogs breath being smelly. I personally haven't noticed a difference in his breath but his teeth are perfectly white, the vet was very impressed with their condition.
10/28/17 | Amy Millward

Works very well.

I would say it takes six weeks before i noticed a difference, but it certainly worked!
10/22/17 | Ciara


I brought my dog to the vet and was told that it would cost nearly €200 to get my dogs teeth cleaned. I decided to try this product following the reviews zooplus. I have to say I have not been left disappointed. Within 3 week the plaque turned a white colour and then a week later it was gone completely. I would highly recommend this product.
07/08/17 | originally published in zooplus.it

Great product!

I wanted to try these dental snacks because my almost 2-year-old French Bulldog is allergic to chicken and most of the usual dental sticks contain derivatives. He eats them as a reward after his food and, I must say, I have not found any problems with them. Now to see the results...
09/29/16 | Hayley O'brien

Amazing product

This really works my dogs breath smells fresh all the time and his teeth and gums have never been so healthy. Orderd the bulk pack and its lasted us well over a year amazing!
08/30/16 | Masquerade


My dogs teeth are definitely whiter, although it doesn't stop bad breath! Can be used on cats too. Just sprinkle on to food.
02/29/16 | Steve Moir

I now use it!

Used this on our Australian Shepherd since he was a puppy, he's now coming up for 6 - vet always goes on about how good his teeth are. We've never brushed them. Did some research, some village in Norway and all the locals had really healthy teeth. Finally, put this down to the seaweed in diet - this is a natural derivative of the seaweed. There are capsules for human consumption, been using it for 6 months - dentist check up and he remarked on my teeth!


My dog is nearly 5 years old and my vet says looking at his teeth you would think he was one. We've used this since before he was one. He is VERY picky and this does not put him off his food at all. Superb!
05/28/14 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Excellent product!

This is brilliant. Nobody believes my dog is the age he is because he has so little plaque on his teeth. We've been using PlaqueOff for 18 months and his teeth are beautifully clean.
04/27/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Truly amazing!

I just had to write a review about this because it really does work. You have to be patient and stick with it for a couple of months but the results speak for themselves. Before I started using this my dogs teeth were pretty awful. I tried this as a last resort before having her teeth cleaned at the vets. I have to admit I was not confident it would make much, or even any difference and assumed my dog would have to have them cleaned under anaesthetic, but I have been absolutely amazed by the results. I wish I had taken pictures of her teeth before so people would see just how much better they are now. If your dogs teeth has thick solid tartar on do not hesitate in using this, it really will get rid of it.
10/10/12 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

PlaqueOff Dental care

excellent stuff, it really works I was very sceptical about it but it is really good and you use so little of it.
09/04/12 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk


This is very good stuff for your dogs teeth, my packs teeth was terrible with plaque and tarter. You get a tiny blue scoop inside the powder and you use 1 to 2 scoops. You will need to be patient and use it daily to ensure the removal of the plaque, It will take a month to 6 weeks for you to see any results if your dogs teeth are very dirty, but be patient as it does work. It will save you a fortune on vet bills for teeth cleaning. My vet suggested i use it.

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