05/09/18 | Alex

I like it but the cats don't

Very high meat content but unfortunately my cats do not like the consistency of the food.


Eaten under duress

My cat just sniffed this and walked away, tried the starving approach, but she would rather starve!


Not an ideal result

Feringa is one of six wet foods purchased from Zooplus for Caesar the fussy 12-year-old rescue Birman to try. It comes in 200g tins, which means half of it lives in the fridge until the next meal. Feringa looks a good quality food, if slightly on the solid side for Caesar. Unfortunately, he vomited it at 4.00 in the morning (no sign of a fur ball), so that's the end of the Feringa trial.


Not so good as I expected....

I thought these could be better than really they are: the first time I bought it, my cats ate them quite fastly, but the tired of this meal sooner than I expected! My cats hate chicken taste.

04/28/13 | Berni Varley

Mixed reviews

I bought a trial pack for my fussy ragdoll and it didn't go down well. She won't eat Carny or Grau and it looks much the same. A sniff and a taste and she walked away so I gave the remaining cans to my mum for her moggy boys. The dishes were clean within seconds. You win some you lose some.

03/12/13 | Donsie

Not Like Terra Faelis

I bought this food hoping it could replace the more expensive Terra Faelis as an occasional treat for my picky cat. He prefers the softer pate texture of Terra Faelis and so when I opened the first tin of Feringa I felt apprehensive -- it looked a lot like Carny or Grau, which is much firmer than what my picky boy prefers. Indeed, it was as dense as it looked, and my picky cat wasn't especially interested, though he has a few bites whenever I feed it. On the other hand, my much less picky cat really, really enjoys this food, but he's not the one I have trouble getting to eat! Since he'll eat Carny and Grau just as happily there was no need to have spent more on this Feringa, which the picky one isn't too bothered about. It's not a substitute for Terra Faelis, at least not in our house!