Went down a treat

One cat will only eat GoCat the other Happy Cat but both of them loved all 3 flavours and I'm happy to feed them something a little closer to their natural diet

06/29/18 | Agnes

A little disapointing

I bougt it as it is on offer. Was quietly hoping for a peas free. Sadly pea protein is a starchy filler. It is high in insoluble fiber. Pea fiber is a vegetable protein, not animal protein that body requires. it's a filler to artificially “inflate” the protein count in grain-free foods. Known as well to cause kidney stones if fed regularly to cats so it is a good food to be fed with non peas kibble or once in a while.

06/15/18 | Lucy Beaghen

My cats approve

All my cats have a grain free diet on the w hole. I got this first as a "reward" and have gone on to buy it. They all like it and can handle the large kibbles. It's good stuff, but the price is prohibitive when not on offer. I have three cats and a small budget.

05/26/18 | Lin


I got this from the reward shop. It is a grain free dry cat food but do contain potato and pea. As it is free and my cat do love it, I am happy with it. However there are two issues, one is that the protein is only 32% which I see as a bit low for dry cat food, and another one is the size of the nugget is huge.

02/23/18 | helenlouisa

too hard

this kibble was a good size and seemed good quality but it was far too hard for my cats to crunch. One of my cats that crunches all kibble was trying hard but only managed to break a few before swallowing. I am not giving it to him anymore as worried it will damage his teeth . He catches and eats pray but this is harder than raw bones .

02/02/18 | Laura

Very well received

This has a high meat content and goes down very well. The kibble is big but that's not a problem. Would buy again.



My cat really loves this - I ordered the Poultry as a free trial and the moment I opened the pack, she came running! She ate the kibble straight out of my hand. I mixed it in with her usual food and she picked out the Wild Freedom to eat first - will definitely need to re-order!

01/05/18 | Jackie

All My cats love this.

I tried this as I had a free sample. They loved it so ordered more. Trouble is they now won’t eat the Iams I normally buy which is less then half the cost of this. I have to now have a secret pint just for one of my cats who now won’t even eat his wet food.

01/04/18 | Kate Pell

Arty goes wild

Tried this and my big boy Arty devoured every morsel, great product and good price

12/20/17 | Lucky

At last!

This food has gone down very well in our house with all kitties. No upset tummys either. Fantastic. Grain free and very very similer to another "well known" brand flavour wise but almost £6 cheaper. Perfect. Will be buying this from now on.


Wild Freedom Salmon

Both my cats really love this food! They immediately come running the moment they hear me rattling the bag :) The kibble size is really chunky, so much better than really tiny ones! Very happy

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