20/11/18 | Coolio's Mum
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No Hairball

Switched big puss to this hairball diet during the summer. Within a couple of weeks, he stopped throwing up hairballs and has not done any since. He seems to like the taste too.
11/11/18 | Jennifer Muskett
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Excellent product really works

Since we put our 4 mature cats on this we have had no hair balls. We mix 50/50 with another biscuit which is good for our breed of cats. When occasionally we ran out they started vomiting hairballs again so we do feel it works.
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Good dry food.

Recommended by the breeder of our two Bengal cats. We only feed our two cats this dry food and it works well.
08/12/17 | Ms J Maxwell
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It works

After trying a more expensive product I found this as most of my gang are fed the indoor food. I've been slowly switching the two affected and it looks like its working ,
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Does what it says!

It used to be upsetting watching him wretching and wretching and being sick. Since putting him on this brand and formula, his hairball problem is completely cured. He also loves the taste and wolfes it down every time. He's now been on it over a year. My only issue is that Royal Canin are very secretive about exactly what goes into their products meat wise and how much. Apart from that it's a great product, don't hesitate to buy.
12/03/15 | Ros
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Intense Hairball or Hairball care?

I have been using Royal Canin Intense Hairball and ordered a 10kg bag. Instead Hairball Care was delivered. Is there a difference?
05/02/15 | craig
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very happy with outcome

I brought this product to try with my ragdoll cat that was being sick all time I was very worried about her then once she started eating this food after a week or so it compleatly stopped I also have my very active Bengal cat on this food and he loves it and is a very big and strong cat so it's gotta be Good stuff A great product from a great brand would defiantly recommend to anyone A*****
30/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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classic dry food

We highly recommend Intense Hairball dry food. Following an intestinal obstruction and an operation, this is the only food I give our tom. Jaimee gets on really well with it. No more problems. And it's been 4 years since the operation.
06/03/14 | tansy norton
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Royal Canin Intense hairball variety

Fantastic results. My five cats go outdoors but during winter months tend to hog the sofas and anywhere near a warm radiator. A few of them developed a nasty cough which was worrying, and they all kept coughing up hairballs. My vet recommended changing to a Hairball variety of dried food. As we already were using Royal Canin, I tried your Intense Hairball. Results very good - no more coughing. May swap back to usual variety once they've shed winter excess fur. Unfortunately can't do much about them sleeping on the sofa!
02/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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they love it

Our three cats will only eat this dry food. We've tried every other food. This was the only one they could handle and was their favourite. We're all very happy. :-)))))))))
29/01/14 | Mhairi Boyd
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Great product

My cat had been sick for months, started him on this and within days his sickness stopped and I have a happy cat again. Would not hesitate to recommend this product :):):)
11/11/13 | originally published in zooplus.de
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really effective and looks tasty

Our birmans have had some major issues with hairballs in the past. Ever since I started them on this food, their problems have disappeared like magic. It's definitely worth a bit of extra money.
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Very good product

We've got two indoor cats who have problems with hairballs. After years of them being sick all over the house and trying other anti-hairball brands without success we have finally tried the Royal Canin intense Hairball. It is fantastic, the cats love it and eat it all at every meal. We haven't had any sickness whatsoever since the day they switched. It is more expensive than some other brands but well worth the money. Wish we had switched before. Excellent product advice from Royal Canin too.
15/06/13 | Noisy
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Excellent product

Our 8 year old long haired main coone loves this food. No more horrible fur balls for her! We are about to order our 4th packet and would highly recommend this food. She finds the kibble shape easier to eat than the standard Maine coone ones.
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good value for money

Very good value for money this 10kg bag will keep my 2 cats going forever! best bit was the free cat tunnel, they love playing with the toy attached and chase each other through it!
06/09/12 | Richard Morcombe
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Just the best

We have a wonderful Selkirk Rex longhair and we mean longhair,Lottie is three years old and through her formative years we and Lottie did have coat and hairball issue,s, until we discovered Royal Canine 27 and all of our and Lottie,s problems just vanished. Her coat is now super fine and we get a ball once in a blue moon, thank you Royal Canine and of course Zooplus who we love to buy from. Richard and Janet and of course Lottie.
06/09/12 | pete weston
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Cats Diet Sorted.

We have 3 cats and no matter which style or type of food we used one of them always seemed to get the runs. Giving different food to each cat was near impossible, We were advised to try the Royal canin Sensible which did the trick and suited all cats and they all like it. though initially expensive from local pet stores the Zooplus price was much less, delivered quick and hassle free, Regular free gifts sent with it too which is a bonus.
28/05/12 | kapil
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Good one for dog's health

Good one for dog's health
13/03/12 | Kirsty Harland
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Royal Canin Sensible 33

This is an excellent dry food for those cats that have a very sensitive tummy. My cat Amber whom i got from a reputable rescue home had diahorrea from day 1. After trying several different types of food, wet, dry, fish & Rice, i discovered Royal Canin Sensible 33. To me and our Amber this is the best thing since sliced bread was invented. Her diet has improved her temperment, her coat is shiny and glossy, her weight is now stable and most of all she no longer has diahorrea. A must for all with sensitive tummy's. It may seem more expensive at first but it actually works out slightly cheaper than meat & biscuits. Well done Royal Canin
18/12/11 | Harry
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We tried our longhaired cat on several different foods before this one and this has definitely been the best, both in terms of nutrition and flavour. Our cat loves the taste of it - she wolfs it down as soon as we put it out, which wasn't the case with Iams or Hills! Since she's been on it she has had no hairball problems and her fur is noticeably softer, shinier and very glossy. I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for an ideal food for their longhaired cat.