03/20/22 | george

No way to reseal 10kg bag!

I bought this for my kitten thinking id buy 10kg as it works out cheaper and was shocked its vac packed and no way to reseal, i had to go to local petstore and buy a airtight container so it didnt spoil. even cheap food has a reseal. why would they sell kitten food this big and no way to reseal its crazy! other than that cat likes it along with wetfood but she mostly only eats the dry nuts at night.

07/11/19 | E.C

So far so good!

Got this for my Maine coon kitten when he was 5 and half months old. He is 7 months now. He loves it since the day I got it! I give him this kabble with Royal Canin wet food everyday. He loves them both!


Maine coon Kitten

I bought this as believed Royal Canin to be a very good product. Was ok for a few months, but little fellow began throwing up after eating. Started once a week and gradually increased. Moved him to a grain free product and has completely changed his behaviour. He has reverted to kitten like behaviour (he’s just gone 1 year) and appears far more content. Just because it’s Royal Canin, doesn’t mean it’s best for all cats.

02/09/18 | maon

enjoy crunching/gobble up

one of my maine coons chew the cube and enjoy it whereas the other one just gobble few cubes up in one go in a hurry and just swallow like a snake! But he had tendency to throw up.... Not really great for those greedy ones...

01/01/18 | Cole

Little Persian loves it

Royal Canin is the best food. My Persian cats love it

11/18/17 | Natalie

Brilliant Kibble

My kitten is actually a maine coon x british blue but he is a big boy. He loves this food and finally something satisfies his appetite. The kibble is a good size and he actually chews the food rather than just swallowing small biscuits. Will definitely keep buying.

02/10/17 | Imogen - Kent

Superb quality food

I have stepped up from Canin's Babycat to this Maine coon Kitten dry food. My kittens have been on this now for nearly a year and will continue until they're 15 months old as specified. They totally love it and although I do supplement with top quality wet food, my kits would be quite happy if they only had this dried food. It was recommended to me by a friend with a Maine Coon kitten and I am so grateful they did - this food has given me peace of mind for the correct nutrition & they love it!

11/27/16 | Maja

Amazing feed for the kittens!

This kibble is what every Maine Coon kitten should eat. I began switching my two kittens over as soon as I got them, and after just a few days they began to pick out the new kibble because they genuinely loved it. The size difference is also significant. My kittens were scooping up mouthfuls of the old kibble and swallowing it whole, now they're actually chewing their food. The most significant difference I found though was in their coats - they became silky smooth and so much shinier than before. I honestly cannot recommend this enough, it was a game changer for us.


Our maincoun phobe

our little phobe started this dry food for maincoun kittens since she was 12 weeks old i did a lot research what is good for her and she loved it from day one.we feed her instinctive wet food too what she likes.she gets other treats too but thats her main food and she is happy with it . Im happy to pay for the best food for my cat😀

07/20/16 | Katherine

2 happy kitty coons!

My Two Maine kittens, aged 8 months and 4 months, love this food! I am starting to slowly mix it with the Royal canin indoor long hair cat food, so they get the best of trwp different Royal canin feeds.

07/08/16 | Alex

My cat loves it

My cat is cray about treats and the dry food is also good. He ate it in a min 👍🏻

11/06/15 | Bri

love it

My two cats - one of them is MC kitten, the other adult mix bread - just love this dry food. They can't get enough of it. It seems to last for long - 4kg last me for 2 mths - and the price is good as well comparing to other shops.Highly recommend.

05/28/15 | Gemma

One happy kitten

We changed our newly adopted maine kitten onto this food with any problems. She seems to like it if the empty bowls are anything to go by!

05/03/15 | gillian wood

Royal Canin for Ragdolls

Great product & price my 2 ragdolls love this :)

02/11/15 | Greg Sinclair

Your cat does not ave to be a Maine Coon

I have fed RCMC for years long before buying it from ZooPlus. None of my cats have been or are Main Coon. They have been long and short haired, and one a Birman with only 2 teeth manages to chew them, it is uncanny how he manages to gum this hard bicuit to pieces. I first fed RCMC about 20 years ago when I had a very big male cat, he could swipe thing of the kitchen worktop while standing on the floor. He swallowed whole almost every cat biscuit going, at one time I fed him dog biscuit in an attempt to get him to chew, he did not like it, and then I bought RCMC and then he started to chew. All my cats have liked RCMC and in preference to other high quality smaller kibble biscuits, to a point where I am currently having to ration the RCMC to get them to finish off other biscuits. By the way RCMC is not the only large kibble available from ZooPlus. Have a look at Happy Cat Supreme Adult Large Breed. Once all the small kibble biscuit is finished my cats will be getting just RCMC and HCSALB, and wet food for treats. I have been shopping with ZooPlus for over a year. They have saved me money, and the effort of carrying heavy bags of food, and supplying loads of valuable information about manufacturers food nutrition. Delivery is consistently fast, and their customer service is first class. What more could you want from an on line supplier?


Absolutely peer-less

I have been a long-time user of RC Adult Maine Coon until our frail 19-year old cat found the kibble size too difficult to eat, and started losing weight. The vet suggested the kitten formula, as it was high calorie and smaller size kibble, and I ordered a 400gr bag to try, which arrived last night. I set about half her usual meal amount in front of her and she practically inhaled her food! She repeated this once more, and then cleaned another portion overnight. To see an ill animal gobble her food (and keep it down!), when she has otherwise ignored both kibble and wet food, convinces me that nothing is superior to Royal Canin products.

01/28/14 | Joanne

Seems to help with Feline Herpes

Just switched to this from Applaws as I noticed it has L-lysine in it. My fur baby has been struggling with sneezing & runny eyes and has been on all sorts of drugs from the vets. With this & L-lysine chews he has each day he has perked right up. I now have a 9 month, 15lb terror on my hands....but we love him :)

01/05/14 | Stella

Fab sized kibble

I purchased this brand purely because the breeder had fed it my boy for the first 12 weeks however, he was gulping down the normal RC kitten one so I tried him on this. Happy to say he now crunches thanks to the size of the kibble. I'll just point out also that don't be put off by the price per kg. It's actually cheaper than the regular RC as they eat less grams due to the slightly higher fat content etc this provides. To give you an example, my 5 month, 10 pound boy was eating 120g of the regular and after the gradual switch, he rarely ate above 100g a day of the Maine Coon one.

03/23/13 | Cori

Fantastic Maine Coon Food

I have been feeding my 11 year old Maine Coon with the Royal Canin Maine Coon food for years now, so when i got a new kitten i knew this food would be perfect for him and he loves it.

09/07/12 | elaine farrimond

Royal Canin Persian

My two Persians - Martha and William absolutely adore this food. They are so happy and lively (unusual for Persians!). I certainly wouldn't feed them anything else.

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