10/23/20 | Chris

Quality declined also

We fed our cats Grau for many years. They stopped eating it and we thought they were getting fussy. The texture of the food changed and color. We no longer buy it.

Very annoyed.

Food declined in quality. Cats won't eat it anymore. Very annoyed not only at quality but also at money paid and no refund from manufacturers even after emailing them


Quality of food has declined.

Very disappointed in quality decline.

Quality of food has declined in my opinion. Cat's aren't eating as enthusiastically as before.

Box came damaged

After receiving many deliveries from Zooplus my last delivery was delivered by Yodal and for the first time the delivery box was quite damaged. I was lucky that none of the contents had fallen out.
08/08/19 | Sam

Food has changed

We have given this food to our cat for the last eight years. In recent months either they have changed the recipes or the quality has gone down. Our cat will no longer eat many of the flavours. Very disappointing!
12/07/17 | Linda Wylie

Bengal's eat it all

I have a pedigree bengal 10 yrs old and half bengal 6 month old. The elder gentleman gets his first with the young lady dancing around on her back legs trying to get at hers (or his...). They love it and there is always a clean bowl. I know it costs more but they look so well on it, it is worth it
10/20/17 | Sarah Pressler

Great food

I have 15 special needs kitty's and I find this incredibly good value for the high meat and offal content with no junk added. My cats love it and look great on it too.
01/13/14 | Lionel Browne

Difficult to open

I buy this food on behalf of my 94-year-old mother-in-law, for her two ragdoll cats. It's excellent food, which they love, and are thriving on it, but I have to open the cans for her, because she can't manage it at all. Even I have trouble. You have to open the can very carefully, to ensure that the ring pull doesn't snap off, and then mind you don't cut yourself on the edge of the lid as you remove it (with difficulty). I've also decided that it's best to pay the 50p extra for delivery by Parcel Force; our local Yodel driver seems to have a very casual attitude towards his deliveries, which results in dents in many of the cans.
07/29/13 | Mrs Jack Bauer

Good meat packed food

After my regular food for the cats ceased to be available to import, I've had to try many others. Will only feed them quality food with no grain and high meat content so it's been difficult to find one they all like. The Grau selection has proved a success with the chicken and veal being the favourite. Nice quality food and 4 clean bowls - with a Maine Coon to satisfy that's quite a feat.
01/15/13 | Marie-Anne Sweeten


The percentage of meat fantastic, the types of meat the perfect choice. BUT NEED RABBIT/DUCK and then this would be out of this world. For any one thinking of a grain free diet and the best quality and high percentage meat this is it. They do a 800g tin which helps us multi cat households and rescue centres. But one thing it's EXPENSIVE FOR MULTICAT HOUSEHOLDS AND FOR RESCUE CENTRE'S and need to lower the price a little so that we would all buy constantly and not only when we can. MY CAT LOVE IT WISH I COULD GIVE THEM THIS ALL THE TIME.

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