20/07/16 | Jayne
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I bought a 2kg pack of this for our cats to try and every time that it was served up, along with their usual food, they went for this first. They absolutely love it. It helps keep their coats in lovely shiny condition and is definitely good for their digestive systems. I have just bought a 10kg bag and would definitely recommend this cat food.
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cured my cats diarrhoea

Had been trying without success to stop my cat's diarrhoea. Decided to try Porta 21 Holistic cat chicken and rice as I had checked the ingredients and thought it was worth a try. Now have a happy cat with normal stools.
27/01/15 | The DoZeee Pet Bed Company
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Great improvement happy cats

I just changed my 4 cats (ages range 20 years to 3years) to this & can see the difference in less than 2 weeks, their fur is better condition, they eat it all & don't keep begging for more (til their next feeding time). I find it frustrating that Zooplus don't include ingredients on the website, but found them on cat forum before purchased & I didn't get the free Cosma snacks with my bag :( This has 32% protein, 21%fat. Hope this helps
24/12/14 | Emma parr
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Happy cats

I have a multicat household which is hard going finding a product all cats enjoy. I couldn't decide between this one and sanabelle sensitive as both have good reviews so I ordered a bag of both. All cats enjoy both products even my most fussiest cat so I am very happy. I am glad to find two products all of them enjoy and a reasonable price tag for good quality food
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Both my cats love this food

I like the fact that this is a holistic food with mostly organic ingredients and my cats enjoy it. One of my cats has occasionally regurgitated food in the past - don't know why - but has yet to do so eating this food or the Orijen dry food! Fingers crossed...