08/14/18 | Josie Turner

Puss adores these

My lovely Indy adores this food. But she doesn't gulp it all down in one go. That's because it has no sugar in it. I'm happy I'm feeding her a very healthy diet.
08/10/18 | Emma

Great quality but no ingredients list

I really like the quality of this product and my cat loves the chunks with the sauce. My cat has unfortunately developed an allergy to chicken recently and because the ingredients of this product are not disclosed I am no longer able to buy it as I don't know which ones contain chicken!
05/13/18 | MJ

Good work, Yarrah!

I like that Yarrah are transparent about ingredients, explaining on their site that 'animal derivative' simply means the non muscle-meat part of the animal. This is the 'gristly' element another reviewer seems to disapprove of, but which to me is reassuring confirmation it's not 'mystery meat' slurry like most pet food. After all, in the wild a cat would eat its prey whole! Considering it's organic & free-range, it's amazingly priced, & thankfully my cats prefer it to almost everything else.
02/15/17 | Roberta Maroni

Our cat loves it, but...

This seems very high quality wet food and our cat really likes it, but we will buy only the paté from now on as with the chunks she licks them all dry and then ends up not eating them (I know, we've got a picky eater!). We are definitely not changing brand, though.

Only organic will do!

Great food at a great price. If you really cared about what goes through yours and your pets system then you should only choose organic food. This pack of food is set at a great price and my cat loves it. It is a pleasure to feed him quality!
08/02/16 | Marie

The best

The chicken and aloe vera chunks is the only wet food my wee rescue cat Bo will eat. And it's also the only wet food that doesn't make me want to throw up at 7am! Just white meat poultry in a delicate clear gravy, I understand why Bo loves it so much! I hope this product never gets discontinued or I would have a serious situation at home!
07/20/16 | Tamsin

Salmon Pate a big hit!

Our cat is normally fed on Lily's Kitchen sachets and can be a little fussy but ADORED Yarrah's salmon pate. Cleared the plate and licked the spoon on the counter :D NOTE: I noticed the fish content was higher in this flavour than others, so be aware of that when looking at other flavours.
05/19/15 | Amy Charlotte

Cats love it!

Bought the Salmon pate saver pack for my cats to try (they are currently being fed on Applaws) they are quite fussy, and they absolutely LOVED it. Yarrah is great because it's organic so there is no nasty hormones and chemicals in it & is also responsibly sourced which is important to me. I am going to be ordering one of every flavour! It is actually cheaper than similar products that aren't organic, so win win! Would definitely recommend if you want to feed your cat as nature intended, and they WILL flourish and thank you for it!
06/10/14 | Emmamotherofcats<3

Not a hit, but......

Not a hit, it looks like a pot of glue! But once mixed in with the Carny, some Applaws and some Cosma, all bowls are clean ;)

good food in bad packaging

My fussy cat likes it, I like it for the price and the fact that it is organic. One thing that stops me from buying it more often is packaging, it always comes crushed and I end up putting few burst ones in a bin. Cans are too big for my one cat though.
12/22/10 | Brunhilde

Yarrah chunks

I usually don't feed my cat food with miscellaneous by-products ("animal derivates") in it, but one time Yarrah was the only thing I could get at the grocery. Luckily, my cat ate it and seemed to like it ok. It is a complete food with no hormones, but it does contain wheat. I might get it again if there were an emergency and it were a choice between this or generic supermarket kibble. But it normally wouldn't be my first choice.

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