10/13/17 | jogi

Only the ones without grain was preferred

By mistake i bought this for my cat Sasa. As i give her good Orijen dry food this was not a problem for missing taurine in dog food. She liked all except the ones with millet and rice (any grains). No way of knowing if pouch contains grain when buying unless reading ingredients on the pouch itself.

Food for thought! Need these packs in poultry only please

This food is wonderful but I have a dog who can not digest beef so why can't we please buy just the chicken but in pouches? It would be so helpful as I have a small Lhassa Apso and the time are too big.
05/17/16 | Sue, Devon

Lovely food

I feed complete dry food with a small amount of wet food mixed in to make it appetising. My dog (mastiff cross) finds this Herrmann's wet food absolutely delicious. It looks and smells good and for me, the fact that the animals are well treated is important. i particularly like the trial packs as one pouch is just the right amount to mix in with each meal. If they stop doing the trial packs I don't think I will buy the cans as they are much less convenient.
09/18/14 | Nina Thurstans

Nom nom

We are Freddy and Oscar 2 year old standard poodle brothers mum bought some of this for a change we love it , wetter then most wet foods but in a nice way
08/10/14 | christine downs

my dog loves it

great my fussy little dog usually only eats fresh cooked chicken and will not touch dog foods but she woofed this down, great a lovely change,
08/01/14 | Lisa

Excellent quality food!

We have a 11 month old Bernese mountain dog and we had noticed that his coat was looking very dull. After switching to Herrmann's organic food his coat is healthier and shinier and he just inhales it. We are now going to try the Herrmann's organic tin food as a pouch does not go very far with a dog his size.
08/24/13 | Julie Anderson

Dogs love it

I purchased Herrmann's originally for a Jack Russell who has skin trouble it seems to help.He has always been rather excitable, was a rescue dog, and seems calmer as well. I have tried a number of Organic foods and this one is best by far.Now his 2 friends a miniature Dachshund and a miniature Jack Russell love it too. Its an excellent food smells good too. They clear the bowls. I love the fact its organic and the animals are treated with respect.
07/21/13 | Karen Armstrong

I love Herrmann's

Hi! I'm a fox terrier named Cece. Since my owner was clever enough to purchase Herrmann's from Zooplus, I've never looked back. The pouches are so convenient to use, and the food doesn't stick to the sides of the pouch, which means that I get every last drop. It's so delicious, and my skin and coat have improved. I'm also happy to hear that Herrmann's treat the animals used for my food with respect and dignity, which is how it should me. A great big "5 STAR YUM" from me, Cece.

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