23/08/18 | Mr B Coventry
: 5/5

Is it me ?

We have had this cover for a number of years now and we have always had it set in the car so the shiny side/ more easily washable side is next to the dogs. The Acrylic woven side against the seat. Obvious yes ! NOT SO. Looking at the picture of the Golden Retreiver in one, we have been putting it in the wrong way round. BUT I DON'T THINK SO !
: 5/5

Great sofa protector

My lab loves to lie on the sofa. This cover is great for protecting the material, and, being waterproof, when she's damp it isn't a problem. I am renewing the cover as this one is beginning to lose its backing after many months of service
27/06/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 5/5

Super cover! Very high-quality and robust.

I can absolutely recommend this cover. It's perfectly manufactured and very well thought out. The sides can be opened separately as entry points. There are also zippers for closing the cover. The top material is made of sturdy fabric. Our dog also sits in it quite comfortably. The most important thing: our dog loves the cover and regularly sleeps in the backseat.
10/06/17 | Linipoos
: 5/5

Absolutely excellant

Just the product I needed and zooplus have it
18/05/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 5/5

Problem solved!

This is THE solution for a problem we've had for a while. Our retriever has always slipped into the gaps between the seats (despite using a seatbelt!) so we were reluctant to take her on car trips. This filler has solved that problem and now car trips are back to being relaxed!
: 5/5

After 4 months and it still looks new

Because of lots of some of the comments I took mine to get some newer, stronger fastening loops attached. Since then I've used it almost daily. It does what it says, is sturdy and even after 4 months looks great!
19/02/17 | Trudi Greenan
: 5/5


Im about to purchase my 4th hammock in 7 year's. I have 2 labradors, there very comfortable in it. Excellent at protecting the back seats.
: 5/5

It works!

I bought this product to fit my new renault megane convertible. I have 2 dogs, a long haired collie and boxer and I did not want the covers of my new car to get spoilt by dog hair and dirt. The product works! I am so pleased! The cover easily attaches to the head rests front and back, and the extra strap intended to fit to a handle in saloon cars (which does not exist in a convertible) attaches as a reinforecemnt strap to a head rest. Both my dogs walk in to the car and straight into the unzipped cover from the side, once in I zip the cover up and they are within the cot like cover. There is plenty of room for them both. I attach my dog harnesses through the velcro hole in the base of the cover to the safety belts so that they are secure on the back seat and cannot climb forward. They can lie down comfortabley, sleep during a journey or look out of the windows. My seats are kept clean and hairs escape only when carried in the breeze! The clasps attaching to the head rests are strong enough, and the fabric that the cover is made from is waterproof and robust. It really has given me peace of mind that I can keep my new car clean and also have my dogs travel with me, even when they are muddy!
16/01/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 5/5

Worth it for the price

I moved the seats back in my Peugeot 106 to give the dogs more room - and this blanket is ingenious. They both lay on their own blankets and didn't disturb me when I was driving. It was easy to clean, but with 2 big dogs, I think it went over its limit. But the price makes up for that.
10/01/14 | Duncan wyeth
: 5/5

I love great customer service!

This is a great product backed up by great customer service. I got the seat cover in my car and was really pleased with performance. My dog (A German WireHaired Pointer/Munsterlander cross) loves it too. Sadly after only a few days one of the zips burst but a quick call to customer services at Zooplus and a few pictures later they sent me out a rpelacement item. Cant fault tat!
26/11/13 | Caz-55
: 5/5

Great product

Great product. Really protects car and is good quality. This is the 2nd type I have bought. The 1st was a different manufacturer and wasn't very tough and durable. Couldn't fault this.
20/10/13 | Mr J Cooper
: 5/5

dog rear seat cover

Brought one, found it excellent for one car, and then brought one for our second car, as we were very pleased with the first one. The dog is very happy in it.
: 5/5

back seat cover

good bit of kit.i have a large space to fill in the back of my Volvo, and this is a great fit
: 5/5

A must have

Very sturdy fabric and stays in place well. Sides are excellent for protecting doors and keeping hair inside. I have tried a number of covers and this is by far the best! I have a 2012 Subaru Forester and fills back seat well. Easy to put in and take out with snaps. A must have if you have muddy dogs in your car.
05/02/13 | at loggerheads
: 5/5

Excellent quality

This is a seriously good product. In my opinion the ad description doesn't do it justice! It is well designed and well made. In terms of size, it is just big enough for the back of a Jag XF.
07/09/12 | claire
: 5/5

great product, be lost without it

The product is used in back of car and fits perfectly. The sides keep the dogs in and helps to keep the hairs inside cover. Its very easy to clean. It has seal belt access which allows passengers to be in car with dogs via a seperate compartment which allows dogs to be confined in one area and the person to be hair free.
06/09/12 | Linda
: 5/5

Thrilled with this cover!

Bought this Allside car seat cover for my new-to-me CLEAN car! It fits perfectly (Toyota Yaris) and my German Shorthaired Pointer loves it as it keeps her safe and secure and the harness vents work perfectly. I go to the woods twice a day and the mud has been contained totally within the cover. Easy and very quick to fit (and adjust if you want to have a passenger in the back as well). Very Highly Recommended.
: 5/5

Best Buy Ever

I bought this car protector 2 years ago. Still going strong with no visible wear. It gets hoovered and washed when necessary. I like the fact you can half the cover and use back seat for a passenger at same time, still retaining a side wall. My BC feels very safe, we travel over 600 miles at a stretch and she remains very comfortable and safe.
: 5/5


been looking for a while for something to cover the inside of our peugeot 307,fitted easily,brilliant product and fits our large g.s.d. in easily.
05/06/12 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 5/5

Good purchase!!

I'm really happy with this product. Great value for money. Simple assembly and extremely convenient