17/02/23 | Samantha Kenny
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5 stars is not enough

This bed is in a league of its own. It’s excellent. Huge, very supportive. I’ve napped in it myself by accident & it’s extremely comfortable! 100% recommend this
16/12/22 | Lorraine
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So comfy

High quality. My fur babies love it. Perfect size.
11/11/22 | Sandy
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Fluffy bed

Its all in the name and it does not disappoint. I have spent weeks looking for a calming bed, that is good quality, not too expensive and most importantly, has removable covers to wash, as I have a 2 year old Rottweiler and a 16 year old Labrador mix. Well, this is it! It arrived quickly, once out it didn't take long to start fluffing up and shortly after my black lap girl was cuddled up in the 'snow mountain' and loves it. Great value for money. 10 out of 5 stars!
23/10/22 | Ross Williams
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Fantastic bed

Once the bed was unrolled and allowed to puff out, my old girl couldn't wait to hop on. She loves it!
15/01/22 | Liz O'Brien
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I think I'll have to buy another

I got this for my elderly, blind and arthritic dog, he loves it, was in it as soon as it fluffed up. Unfortunately his younger sister loves it too, Everytime he gets up, she gets in, and vice versa. It's quite big, I got the smaller size, my dogs are Tibetan terriers, and it's huge for them.
24/11/21 | Michael
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I’d nearly sleep in it myself

Fabulous comfy bed my 2 dogs adore it and they look so comfortable in it. When you first open it give it about 20mins to fluff itself out, I was a bit worried at first as it seemed very hard but it soon sorted itself out. Pure luxury and comfort 🐾
02/12/20 | Catherine Kelly
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Luxury Cosy Bed.

When our fluffy dog bed was delivered we took it out of the box and left it to fluff up.After 20 minutes it was amazing. It's brilliant quality, heavy and wont move around the floor. It's the very same feel as a memory foam mattress and my 2 shih tzu's are loving it. Would sleep in it myself. I have it in a single size teddy fleece duvet cover to keep it clean for the winter. Thanks Zooplus.