04/30/21 | Karolina Viktorova

Just rubbish

The foam is very thin about 5 centimeters, I got a torn bed and it at the wrong address, not worth the money, garbage
03/06/21 | Sandra

Home sweet home

Bed arrived on time. Our Laoise loved it from the very first minute we have put it out for her. Took 24 hrs to expand to the right depth, very comfy and true to size. Enough room for 2 of her teddies to have moved in, too. Very good purchase for a fair price.

Very Dissapointed

Bought the largest size .. have another bed from another company which is cheaper but the base is MUCH THICKER .. this base is very thin and the sides are not equal .. if I would have seen in shop before ordering online .. would not have bought it. Waste of money.
07/30/20 | Roisin Greenlee

Poorer quality for a higher price

I bought this bed about 2 years ago & loved it. I have 2 energetic dogs and I couldnt have faulted the quality. As, over time, it began to get grubby i wanted to purchase another one. I searched zooplus & was delighted to see the same bed however at a much higher price. Since my dogs loved the bed and the fact it lasted me 2 years i thought it would be worth jt. However the quality has reduced a lot. The base is thinner and the sides are not as sturdy. Was very disappointed by this. Not the same
04/07/20 | Niamh


Perfect for old dogs. My dog doesn’t get out of it he loves it much. Easy to put together and wash.
05/29/19 | tereza


Perfect, i hope Arci will love it😉
05/16/19 | Sian Phillips


Easy to put together and I can see it will be easily washable. My two Cocker Spaniels normally rule the sofa ... and chairs ... and bed - but they were straight in it and fitted perfectly. Have to get another now for the Labrador. :)
03/11/19 | Breda

Excellent well worth it

This bed is great, the sides hold their shape Base is excellent Dogs can easily pull the white base off, and the full outer ‘skin’ is not easily washed But the dogs just love it! This bed I would highly recommend
02/14/19 | Ruby

Best Bed Ever🎉🎉

Big , confortable and good quality. 100%happy Fast delivery
01/25/19 | Cara

Molly is one happy doggy

Our Molly has bone cancer so we wanted to make whatever time she has left as comfortable as possible. She had new lease of life today on her walk, after spending all night and all morning in her new bed! : )
01/23/19 | Juliemay

A super bed

My dogs love this bed and it’s great value and well made
11/25/18 | Rebecca

Nice bed

I bought another orthopedic dog bed on zooplus for slightly more money and find it to be a much better quality dog bed in comparison to this one
10/15/18 | Rebecca

XL orthopaedic bed

Wonderful price for such a large and comfy bed. My dog loves it and can stretch out properly and gets up without the stiffness she can sometimes have after a long sleep. Also it has a washable fur top sheet which is ideal. Very impressed.
10/10/18 | Silwni

Looks good but not durable

This bed is a good size for my family of cats, many of whom are quite old and at first they liked it a lot It appeared to be of good construction as it can be unzipped and the various parts washed. However on arrival the base foam was soaking wet and as it is so big it took ages to dry. After one gentle wash it tore in two. The long back zip also quickly broke so I cannot do up the back support intended to shield them from draughts. Considering the cost of this item it shd be sturdier than this.

Small grey orthopaedic dog bed

Love the small grey dog bed, perfect size for my yorkie
09/27/18 | Amanda

Comfortable and great value

My dog is currently recovering from orthopaedic surgery so it’s important that he gets his rest. I wanted to get him a comfortable bed that didn’t involve him having to hop out and this fit the bill. It’s washable, it allows him to snuggle into the edges and he loves it!
09/19/18 | Silwni

comfortable but not very durable

I like that this comes apart for washing. However, after only two uses the back zip broke so is now hard to hold it together. When the seat arrived it was in several pieces which is OK, but the base foam was absolutely soaking wet even wrapped up, and it was quite a job to dry as it is so big. I had to wash it when I washed the cover as it had mould on it and it broke in two. The cats find it very comfortable (less so since the back zip broke) but it could do with being a bit tougher.
09/03/18 | Anna


This is a lovely bed & my dog loves it but the material is too thin. Dog ripped it several times now. Can’t keep on mending it so we’re considering buy a better one, even though we just had this one for a little over a year.
09/03/18 | Zigsmum

Comfy bed

My elderly large labradoodle is very happy with this bed. He curls up, stretches out, and has the comfort of the supporting edge at his back. He really likes it. Option of extra covers or a different colour would be good because the cream colour does get grubby very quickly.
08/27/18 | Greta

comfortable and easy to clean

My whippet loves this bed. He was not a fan of any other dog bed and used to go to our bed instead. But now he loves to hang out and play in this bed. Filling is removable so easy to clean too.

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