Useless product

Useless instructions and impossible to fit the final leg. Fell apart with one swipe of a hammer, as advised below. Straight into the bin.

04/13/22 | Glenn Simpson


This bed is so hard to assemble, even using a hammer. The fabric is too tight to stretch it to get the final leg in position. Stupid!

04/03/22 | Allison Harvey


Easy to put together, lightweight so can be moved with ease. Good size.

06/20/21 | Clare

Not a folding dog bed!!

I bought this to bring my dog to work with me. The idea being it would fold easily & it could be used as a travel bed. This bed isn’t suitable for that. Once made it doesn’t fold. It’s very sturdy when made but doesn’t build easily & to travel would have to come apart in pieces so just particle. Definitely not described properly.

04/12/21 | Andreia

Dog bed

Ordered the large size and was expecting it to be a bit bigger but have to say it's a fairly good size. As per most reviews, I have to agree that it's close to impossible assembling it! But I managed to do it!!! And it looks and feels sturdy enough. Will post another review (hopefully 5 stars) after my boxers do a proper "test drive". They usually destroy everything I buy for them! 9/10 for this so far.

04/08/21 | Feena

Assembly tip

As per other reviews, it is finicky to assemble the very final bar into position. A tip: assemble it all as tightly as possible, including one end of the final bar. Then for the final connection, rotate the leg *away* so that when the bar is pulled as far over as possible, you can rotate the leg opening back down over it. That way, you aren't trying to also wrestle the bar over the leg, the fabric is just too tight for that. I put a thin blanket down and my dog has made herself at home. V happy

02/18/21 | Paul

Impossible to put together

Fabric doesn't stretch enough to be able to finish putting the bottom support bar on. Rendering the product useless


5* Product

Very sturdy and well made. Prompt delivery and excellent Customer Care experience from Zooplus.


Impossible to assemble!

Seriously!! Just impossible to get the last corner connected even with use of a hammer and silicone spray as suggested in other reviews. Looks ok but can not recommend when you cannot put it together.

07/14/20 | Leanne Deere

Raised dog bed

It was easy to put together ,as we followed the instructions to a t,but it's already started to fray and will be a hole and unusable very soon ,I'm disappointed that we cant order replacement covers , I wouldn't recommend it ,my dog is 13 so she is not chewing or biting at it.

11/29/19 | Laoise

Badly made

The "hammock" is too small to be able to construct bed. I can only either have three of the legs attached or leave one side of the hammock unsupported.


Great value for money

I am very impressed with the quality of this product. I would advise using some silicone spray on the final corner piece and do not attempt to assemble the product alone. The mesh section is a lot more strong than I thought it would be. I hope it survives my dog who loves to eat beds 🙈

10/19/19 | Tanya

Large raised dog bed

I am very happy with this product. I found it VERY easy to assemble (with small hammer) and had it together in 15 minutes. The bed is strong and nothing broke on assembly. It took about 7 days to arrive. My Saluki Cross loves the bed. Overall would recommend this product.

06/15/19 | Jennifer Sweeney

not fit for purpose

Wish I could give a good review for this product but I can't. Very difficult to put together, needs an iron man but this apart, after three days use, the plastic pieces marked D which join the two metal roads together to make the bed and part of the legs in the middle broke under the weight of my dog, 35kgs and now I have a bed that cannot be used, Would have been better if instead of plastic metal pieces were used to join all the sections. Wouldn't recommend this bed.

03/19/19 | Judith

Folding dog bed

Very quick delivery. Great for my dogs and cats share too when let. Belgian malinous and lurcher. Only complaint is how hard they were to put together. First one took 3 of us to be sure we didn’t break it. Second one a bit easier. But I wouldn’t like to be taking them apart to bring anywhere as the thoughts of putting them back together again.

03/08/19 | tevinder

Plastic joints not durable

Very hard to build and plastic joints are not durable.


V poor quality

Bed broke when I was putting it together. Waste of money completely

01/28/19 | Lorraine

Love these, but use a hammer for assembly

Great dog beds, my 3 dogs love them, we got 2 large. Our 14yr old malamute loves her comfort and took to this bed straight away, shes 38kg and its perfect. Our other 2 dogs share the other large one ones a Shepard and the other a mongrel. My one bit of advice is to use a hammer when assembling, houdini would struggle without a hammer lol 😂🔨 after taking 30 mins to put the first one together, it only took 5mins on the second one once the hammer was used.

01/24/19 | Lisa NH

Dogs love them but a full body workout to put together!

dear Zooplus my arms and hands are just aching after the effort of putting two of these together- the final part was impossible - really I’m grateful none of my fingers got hurt. What a sight I was wearing purple rubber gloves for extra grip huffing and puffing After 30 minutes of being unable to squeeze the final pole into place the feminist in me died. I got help from a male who with his superior XY chromosomes and testosterone finished the job.

10/25/18 | Hristo

American Bully Drax

Absolutely lovely bed my two dogs love it

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