10/11/15 | Lore

After glueing the bowl in place it does it's job fine

We have 2 of these feeders for our 4 cats and always found the bowls detached from the feeder and one cat pawing around the system until food came out. The bowls are not very well attached and one of our cats war very good in getting them out. After a few weeks of frustration and no portion control at all, because your little 4-pawed thief will find out very quickly how to reach into the mechanism and let the food drop we just applied double sided adhesive tape to the back side of the bowls so they are now glued to the feeder. Now there is no room for the paw to reach through to the machanism and get more food. Doctored like this the amount of food is reliable and the time of feeding also is.
10/08/14 | brie

OK but not great

I got this when our older version which we'd had for 6 months quit working and I do not like it near as much, but with 11 cats, we needed one. I have replaced the food tray with a ceramic one as I don't like my cats eating or drinking out of plastic and so now it is acceptable. The lid for some reason is hard to get on and lock, but that might just be my fiddly hands. It definitely will do the job for now, but not long term. I am pretty handy, but these aren't built to last and it is nearly impossible to repair if it stops working. The main reason I am giving this 4 stars is because it uses batteries and not mains as I do not have a socket where I keep the cat food and would not want to plug one in anyway as it would look untidy and be harder to pick up and sweep around everyday.

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