Very good basket

Bought this basket two years ago for my Jack Russell puppy. Assuming my puppy would be bigger when she reached adulthood I bought a bigger basket as I was concerned about weight limits. Well, my puppy grew up to be one of the smallest JRTs ever and she runs alongside the bike now but I still think the basket is one of the best around. Yes, it is a bit bulky and it does take some getting used to (a few seconds?) but I managed alright with a full basket at the front and my daughter on a tag-along bike at the back--you get a few smiles as you go along. As my dog is so small, I often carry my rucksack, toys and coats as well. If installed correctly the bracket keeps the basket locked in position and has a very solid feel about it. It's very easy to take out the basket and put it back on. I also use a normal mesh basket when I don't need the doggy basket and the Aumuller bracket doesn't interfere at all. The cage is also very handy (especially if your puppy considers it her duty to chase every cat she comes accross). Two years on I'm still using the basket occasionally when having to deal with heavy traffic. Poppy runs alongside the bike until we get to the more dangerous area, where I undo the cage straps, tell Poppy to climb up my leg (handy trick) and transfer her to her basket without any need to get off the bike; as soon as it's safe she's back on the ground again. For this reason, the straps have endured heavvier use than you'd expect in a basket that is not used that often and they're still in very good condition--worth noting as they looked a bit flimsy to me. All in all, very good quality but bear in mind you will have a BIG basket in front of you when cycling.

05/15/15 | Jane

Works brilliantly on our moped

We have a Motorhome and travel often throughout Europe. Having acquired a puppy we wanted a basket to put on our moped so we could continue to explore. The basket works brilliantly on the moped with our cocker spaniel settling down fine to enjoy the ride. We did try on our bike but it was too unstable.

08/22/10 | Drew and Carrie Brooke-Mellor

Brilliant! Good for both our bikes

Plenty of space for Bertie, our large JRT and he took to it like a duck to water. Plently of smiles from the visitors to our Hastings sea-front in East Sussex and a hound who couldn't keep up with the range of high speed sniffs! Recommended to all plus a trip to the Dog's Biscuits in Norman Road, St Leonards.


Excellent product

Brought large size for my westie, fits in it no problem if anything could have done with the next size down. He absolutely loves it and can now accompany us wherever we go. needs two people to get him in and out due to the weight on the bike, and have to remember to use the back brake more than the front as bike is top heavy! Took a long time to initially fit this, but managed it by rotating the handlebars round, but the bracket is so descrete when the basket is not in use.

12/20/08 | David Kenway

It don't fit!

We have 4 bikes and the handle bar fittings don't fit any bike! We have a rear pannier fitted and have mounted it on there (not using the fittings provided). The instructions are non-existent. Good quality but will NOT fit typical UK Mountain bikes.


Bicycle Basket with Protective Wire Maxi Size

We the Maxi for 'Killer' our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I was afraid that she would make a nervous passenger, but loves every minute of being on the bike. Bike handles OK but you have to be careful when pushing the bike through stiles etc as becomes top heavy.

06/05/08 | nikki

worth all the money

We bought the maxi size one for our miniature schnauzer who turned out to be nearly standard in size. It took a while to fit but sits nicely on the front of the bike. Our dog is quite happy to be put in it but its hard to control steering when he sits up and moves about.

10/12/06 | Jane Attwell


Love the look of the basket but the handle bar fittings don't fit either mine or my husband's bikes. Have a rear pannier fitted and have mounted it on there (not using the fittings provided). Also the instructions are non-existent.

09/14/06 | Nicki Darzinskas

Maxi Dog Bike Carrier

The maxi front mounted dog basket is fantastic. Our dog is on the weight limit(15kg) & you need to spend some time making sure the mount is perfectly fitted to support this sort of weight. Having done that the mount stays unobtrusively on the bike & sliding the basket on & off when pooch comes too takes seconds. Cycling with a big weight on front takes a little bit of practice but you soon adjust. We now go to the park with Heidi dog in the front & our 4 year old on his tag -a-long behind.

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