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Nylon travel bag

I bought this for my chihuahua puppy and would have been happy overall except that the security catch/lead inside was all of 2inches? So the bag is designed for a larger dog and to hook at the collar- as chihuahua's should not use collars due to their fragile necks- they use harnesses this product will have to be altered to extend the security lead- also, the bag is quite deep so even if I were to put a lead on my chihuahua which I wouldn't do! It would be long enough anyway- I have two other bags and the security lead is at least 8-10 inches on each- so this product disappoints - on review of the actual bag - larger than my current bags so good/ wish the fleece lining could be removed ( to wash and for summer- too warm) - thebags good quality tho- just one/two glaring improvement cements I think need to be made
13/07/09 | sw
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Smart product but...

Bought this for our new puppy so she could come on longer walks with our other dog. We just pop her in the bag when she gets tired. It looks good but the zip used at the top is too lightweight for the bag's purpose. Also smaller puppies can attempt to wriggle out of the head opening so it's very important to keep a close eye on them.