I've been searching for a carrier/bag or my Bichon for quite a while. This one looked absolutely perfect. I'm looking forward to using it in the winter for Christmas Markets - now my dog won't freeze! I like the depth of the bag too. And the shape means there's no risk of the dog falling out, so you've got both hands free. We're both still getting used to it, but right now she likes to rest her head along the side.


Perfect for long walks

I use this bag for very long walks, since my Pinscher is getting on and after a few hours needs a rest. Even if I'm going downhill he still lies comfortably inside - and I get to keep my hands free. My dog weighs about 5kg, but it should be alright for larger dogs.

07/27/17 | originally published in zooplus.de


I've been searching for a dog bag for my Yorkshire Terrier for a really long time. This one is great: a good size, looks good, washable and my little one doesn't mind being carried in it.